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Space and exchange: what is the diversity in the work place ?

Fiche : Space and exchange: what is the diversity in the work place ?. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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     Before talking about the notion of Space and Exchange, I’m going to give you a general definition of it.

Space represents lots of things like Locations of everyday (School and Home), Areas (Beaches and Mountains) or again Countries and Cities (United States, Great Britain).

As for the word Exchange, it represents humans and familiar relationship but also economical and political exchange, as for exemple economical exchange between the European Union and Canada.

It also refers to the communication like Internet, media or phone.

It must be to notice that evolution of communication since Antiquity to today has totally changed the movement, movement of objects but also the moving of people in the world.  

For example, artifacts which have moved during a war or a epoch.

« What the diversity in the work place ? »

In a first part we shall see the general definition of the word "diversity". In a second part we shall see positive and negative points.

        Diversity is the inclusion of things, people, and places that are different. For example, having different races, genders, ages, and ethnicities of people in one place is showing great diversity. No one thing or person is the same and is made up of different cultures and backgrounds. Also diversity can be the different opinions of individuals.Diversity in the workplace is when different people work together, in the same company.

        Diversity creates a positive working environment, it can improve performances by making the most of differences, different skills & qualities

Diversity improves relationships

Diversity creates a safe & healthy workplace, a multicultural workplace with different people, different skin colors, different ways of life, different ideas

Diversity permits to treat each other with respect & dignity & eliminate all forms of discrimination

Diversity on the workplace allows people to learn to live together, to accept others,

It permits exchanges among workers ; they learn from each others , discover different tastes during lunch break  

        Women can be victims of gender gap, in male dominated societies ; and it is all the more difficult for them if they are colored or handicapped …


Workers with different origins and background can lead to competition (concurrence) & discrimination

Some workers reject others according to / because of their culture & religion, in a diverse workplace, some may feel superior to others and try to dominate them, manipulate them, harass them

Some workers coming from higher social classes may think they are “better” more intelligent, more skilled just because they are richer and studied longer

        I think it would not be difficult to work with someone “special”, different from me, because I look beyond appearances, being open minded /did/ and I think it’s beneficial to be diverse, different. Everyone needs to understand everybody is different but we are all equal in certain ways and all have potentials.

Diversity on the workplace reminds me of the notion “location forms of power” because a workplace is a place where some are superior to others, bosses are superior to their employ


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