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Places and forms of power: what is the evolution of the different forms of power in India?

Dissertation : Places and forms of power: what is the evolution of the different forms of power in India?. Recherche parmi 298 000+ dissertations

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  • Lieux et forme de pouvoir

Introduction :                                                                                                                                                       I’m going to present places and forms of power. We’re going to study which forms of       power exist in a specific place and how they are applied. I choose the example of India, India is an emerging country and the second most populous country in the world. There are a lot of inequalities in the Indian society.

What is the evolution of the different forms of power India?

I’ll talk about two different forms of power and to conclude what is the evolution of the society.


  • First there is in India, a cast system which ruled the society. The cast is a power applied on citizens by religion. The society is divided in 4 cast. The upper cast is Brahman and the lower cast is Dalits. They are around 170 million, they are allowed to only few jobs, few places and temples, they are discriminated, and a lot of them live with less than 2 dollars a day. The fatality is that when you are born in a cast you marry someone of another cast and you can’t go up, you have to accept your condition because of the religion. The cast system is the origin of the economical inequalities in India, there are around 60 billionaires against millions of people who live with less then 2 dollars a day.

  • Secondly India is a male dominated society. Men have some power on women. Indians practice sex selective abortion, gendercide because of the dowry tradition which is some money given to the husband family in compensation of his education, if the dowry is not payed the wife can be killed, burned alive or tortured.

  Exemple: In the text Another girl, Kavita’s husband wanted to kill his daughter for financial   reason.

Each year in India, the number of girl is all time low, in 3 generations, more than 50 million women have been selectively eliminated.

Women are lower than Dalits in their society,most of them are illiterate


              But the Indian society has envolved, because people’s state of mind has envolved, in urban area Dalits are not discriminated anymore, they are fighting their way out of poverty throw micro-credit which is a money loan system to help create an income ( it doesn’t always work, sometimes some people cant repay the money but it still helps), it helps women to become bread winners and a middle class is emerging ( around 300 million of people). Sex selective abortion is prohibited and a woman was at the head of the country, the largest democracy in the world. The majority population still struggling, the different kind of power still very present because of the religion but indian society is envolving.


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