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The idea of progress : What is the evolution of sport ?

Fiche : The idea of progress : What is the evolution of sport ?. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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Notion d’Anglais : Idée de progrés

How did the the sport evolve?

I’am going to talk about the notion « the idea of progress». First of all, I would like to give a definition of idea of progress. The idea of progress basically consist in believing that the world can become better un terms of art, sciences, technology, sports and liberty. But a progress isn’t always good, it can be a negativ progress like as the negative aspects of the sport which they did not have there before.We are going to develop this idea. We can wonder : What is the evolution of sport ?

In the first part, we will see that sport of today and the ancient sport and then we will see that many negative aspects evolved in the sports environment.

I) The sport of today and the ancient sport

_ In the sport, there are values which must be respected as for example: the loyalty, the respect for the arbitrators and for the opponents, the self-control. In the Queen Elizabeth’s Christmas speech en 2010, she says that sport can bring people together, can learn vital social skills. It shows that the sport brings good things for the mental of people for a long time the sport helps people to feel better. In the modern sport, the values are respected but not like before.

_ In the cartoon, which we hace to study in class. We can see the difference between ancient and moder sport. There is an athlete who throws a disk as status sculpted by MYRON, a Greek sculptor. This athlete is alone. Herepresents the ancient sport.

There is also a another athlete who is surrounded with a lot of people as for example: a medical advisor, a coach, sponsors. What shows that at that time, the sportsmen were only and no followed as now. We can also notice that the athletes were not so muscular as today.

_ The values of sports remained the same in time but he can have sportsman there which do not respect as for example with drugs. There is here an idea of progress.

II) Negative aspects of the evolution

_ However, the practice of a sport allows the individual to have a healthy body and also a healthy spirit.Sometimes, the athletes have so much pressure that they are forced to take drugs.

_ However, there are risks concerning the doping. Indeed, the gripof products drugs may be extremely serious consequences on the health like heart and circulatory attacks, vomitings and nausea, cancers, infertility, psychological disorders and the behavior … He can have other consequences there when we consume several substances at the same time.

_ To fight against the doping of the sportsmen and ensuring that they practise their activity in a healthy way and without cheating, there are drug test. A drog test consists in making analyze, by laboratories specialized and accredited by the world anti-doping Agency (AMA).They take mainly some urine or, in certain circumstances, some blood of selected athletes. These analyses serve to detect substances and prohibited methods.

_ The moneycan be also a negative effect of the sport because today for example in the soccer, the moneymotivates to play while before it was more by love of the sport than by interest.

Conclu : The values of sports evolved in a positive but also negative way.


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