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What Is You Opinion About The American Dream ?

Dissertation : What Is You Opinion About The American Dream ?. Recherche parmi 289 000+ dissertations

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The American Dream: what is it? What's your opinion?

The American Dream is not a political dogma nor a prepared effect. Since the independence of the thirteen colonies, from Maine to Georgia, hundreds of valorous settlers crossed the Atlantic Ocean, no matter how dangerous and long it was, in order to establish in the “New World”, known to be rich of various natural resources, such as fertile soils, a favourable climate for cultivating a wide variety of crops. Then, anyone is right to wonder: “what is the American Dream?” As the United States of America were independently and freely created, the American Dream occurred a few decades after. At the beginning of the 19th century, the USA was a place where “All wishes may come true”. And that is the best definition of the American Dream; as America is a New World full of new possibilities, the American Dream is the fact that every man or woman has the right and is able to become what he or she wants to become; to do what he or she wants to do; to live where he or she wants to live. As a country of liberty and economic prosperity, the USA would rapidly become the first place for emigrating: there, every migrant would, as rumours said, be able to find a good job, buy a house and live as an American, being able of spend thousands of dollars without caring.

On my opinion, however, the American Dream is being more and more obsolete. The USA is now a country were non-employing is higher than ever, and where poverty reaches never imagined highs. Nowadays, basically, migrants are more allocated all over the developed countries, with the European Union at the helm. This free-trade and free-human move area is being the objective of more and more migrants, as we can see it on Lampedusa Island and everywhere in the Mediterranean Sea. And this cross can be linked to the cross, two centuries ago, of the migrants coming in America because of its dangerousness and the poverty state of the crossers.


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