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Myths and heroes, could be heroes devoid of superpower, and if it exists, what is their uniqueness?

Étude de cas : Myths and heroes, could be heroes devoid of superpower, and if it exists, what is their uniqueness?. Recherche parmi 294 000+ dissertations

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I’m going to present you the notion Myths and Heroes.

In the world every society has their own myths and heroes, they inspire and guide our lifes and our way to do and see different things in every day. Myths are stories which most of the time explain a natural or a social phenomenon using supernatural beings for example. Usually, heroes are people who do good things for others but the definition of hero still difficult to find because when someone talk about heroes we immediately think about superheroes which got superpower. But I don’t think that heroes are just being with superpower, in my opinion it could be another type of heroes. So we will answer on if it could be heroes devoid of superpower, and if it exists, what is their uniqueness?

We are going to study this question along two parts in which we are going to see that Heroes devoid of superpower exists, on a second part that these heroes (contrary to superheroes) look like any other man, and on a third pat that they really risk their lifes in all their heroe’s actions.

To answer this question, I have chosen three text, the first is called Prince of Peace, it’s a poem from John Dos Passos , it tell us about the story of Andrew Carnegie which is a guy who worked hard and gave all of his money for other people all the time in his life.

The second text is called Dulce Et Decorum Est, it’s a poem from Wilfred Owen, it tell us about his war experience, and particularly about a gas attack.

And the third text is called Daniel Mc Connell, Australian underwear hero wins million of fans , it’s a BBC article it tell us about the story of a guy which was sleeping when a car crashed in a shop in his neighboring he follow the car despite he had no clothes, only his underwear.

So let’s start with the first part, heroes devoid of superpower exist.

The thing which characterizes superheroes is the fact that they belong to a myth: superhero’s myth. But other heroes exist, and what characterize them is the fact that they belong to other myths, but myths based on social phenomenon.

Prince of peace represent the American dream, he comes to America without any money and he became “the richest man in the world” 23 , that’s exactly the American dream image.

 For dulce et decorum est that’s more the patriotic myth because these guys die for their patrie like in the title dulce … that mean it’s sweet and great to die for patrie

For mc Connell , it’s more the myth of the every day hero because he was a normal guy who done an action which makes him an heroe.

This text introduce ourselves to the second part: heroes just like any other man

Like andreew carnagie heroes are normal people, this text show it: Andrew was just sleeping normaly and he was only with his underwear. (parler autour de ça sit u peux)

In prince of peace, andreew carnagie didnt’t choose to born in a poor country , secondly he worked hard all his life like any other man becaude if we don’t work, we can’t buy thing and so we can’t survive.

An for dulce et decorum est, the author tell us about his real story of a real man,, he help his country in time of war,, a guy die

The fact that a guy die show that heros devid of superpower are vulnerable, they don’t have any super strengh or they can’t hide them, they really risk their lifes and can die like in dulce et… or Andrew canagie who follom someone he don’t konow and these person could want to kill him, and for prince.. he didn’t kwow if he could have an home in America and if he could survive…


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