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Idea of progress: What is the evolution of feminism in disney movie ?

Dissertation : Idea of progress: What is the evolution of feminism in disney movie ?. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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Goodmorning today i would like to talk about idea of progress. To begin, I would like to state a definition of progress. Progress is the idea that the world and the society can evolve positively ( l'évolution n'est pas forcément positive) in therms of sciences, technology, living condition.

Walt Disney directed a series of movies that were also based on classical fairy tales or myths. Princesses are at the heart of stories. Yet, they used to be reduced only to their physical beauty and their lovely singing voice. What is the evolution of feminism in disney movie ? First, we will talk about Snow white, the earliest Disney animated feature film. Finally, we will see the progess on Disney about fenimism after dead of Walt Disney.

At first sight, Snow White is similar to women who reclamed their emancipation during the 1920’s by cutting their hair to be short. Yet, she is a character superficial. Her goal in life is only to find love. Consequently, she naively eats the poisoned apple, wishing that it will makes her dream come true. Eventually, the prince rescues the princess and they live happily ever after. They actually don't know each other, but Snow White is pretty –again, the princess is reduced only to her prettiness –and that is enough to fall in love with her. On another level, Snow White is the stereotype of women doing the housework. Although he was a romantic, Walt Disney believed –as it was common at that time –that women were inferior to men.

Walt Disney died in 1966. After his death, the Walt Disney Company still continued to produce movies involving more complex princesses.

Belle from Beauty and the Beast(1991) is beautiful. However, this is not very important for the story. Wich is important is the fact that she is a clever and educated woman who wants much more than a provincial life. Unlike former Disney princesses who fell in love with princes they actually did not know, Belle is not interested in a man who is only good-looking. Also, the film conveys the message that inner beauty is more important than physical attractiveness.

By the end of the 1990’s(nineteen ninety) was released the movie Hercules(1997). In the film, Meg gives her own opinion about love: it is too cliché to say that you are in love. A year later, in Mulan, the princess prefers to fight against the Huns and save her father rather than being a lady. To do so, she cuts her hair shorter and disguises herself as a man.

After the dead of Walt Disney the princesses still existed because they continued to use fairy tail like the little mermaid. But in 1996 Disney gets the right of the studio ghibli. This studio makes movies who respect the nature, women and life. Women doesn't search love they fight for their idea and don't cry on their bed when something goes wrong. In the same period Disney movies evolve their characters are more stronger then befor and became more realistic. Like moana and frozen the princesses don't want love from a man but from their family.


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