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Places and forms of power: What is the power of the press and what relations it will maintain with its readers?

Fiche : Places and forms of power: What is the power of the press and what relations it will maintain with its readers?. Recherche parmi 298 000+ dissertations

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We studied the topic of "places and forms of power" that talks about the different types of power, we have focused on the press and the power which can have. For this we will first study the major newspapers that exists in British then we will comment the danger is the internet to the press and we would end up studying what a journalist he has the power and influence among the population.

What is the power of the press and what relations it will maintain with its readers?

At first we will see the four powers. Democracy relies I 3 powers: executive, legislative and judicial, but it adds a 4th power of the press. In British there are two major genres of newspapers "quality paper" and "newspaper". These two types of newspapers are very different: Quality paper deal with home and overseas news, sport, cultural events, financial and political report, travel news. Whereas tabloids focus on scandals, shocking murders and sensational stories. We will now talk about the main danger of the press "internet". In the Great Britain, the circulation of the newspaper has gone down by 25% in the last 5 years. Nine millions newspapers are sold every day. People who use tablets and smartphone to read the news are “technophiles”. To continue our study we must first define what a journalist and an embedded journalist. A journalist as to report for every one as has to be as objective as possible when he reports an event. People expect the media and journalist to make then fill connected see things as if they were on the spot. And the embedded journalist is a journalist who follows the military units to covers wars. To understand what an embedded journalist we listened to sound band on David who is a journalist embedded and tells us the purpose of his work. During this audio David talks about the advantages like the ability to see the landscape and cities with different eyes than a tourist and disadvantages like being away from his family and see who can slaughter influenced his morality. To end our study we are going to speak about the influence of the press resting on a murder case. A suspect(suspicious) professor to have killed a woman, he(it) is going to make harassed by the press they are going to describe him(it) as a person with behavior and physical appearance of a murderer they are going to post(show) a photo of him on the front page of newspapers so that everybody recognizes it. The final police discover that it's not him. These charges will change his life.

To conclude the press to a large power over the population through is a different type of newspaper and it’s adapt on the internet, but that power can be dangerous and can ruin the lives of some people like the teacher in this murder case.


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