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Idea of progress : what is the a limit when it comes to progress ?

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Idea of progress

The notion I’m going to speak about is Idea of progress: Firts of all, considered as the main tool of orientation in the complexity of the world, the concept of progress has accompanied the great moments of history. It crosses and jostles legacies and traditions, resulting in a wide variety of evolutionary processes as well as resistance to change. Relayed by a development of advanced technologies, an acceleration of scientific and technical advances, the cult of novelty and progress has been the object, in recent decades, of an increased awareness of the possible consequences that result. Problematic I asked myself the question what is the a limit when it comes to progress?

I: First of all, it seems that there is Barbie and Ken in real life, so we saw a video that shows us that. This video shows that some people have no limits when il comes to loocking like their idols. Valeria and Justin want to be the real life Barbie and Ken. They underwent sereval surgeries to achieve their goal. They are determined and obstinate. We could expect them to be a perfect march, however, the reality is completely different. They blame each other for using too much make up and for having too many surgeries, ironic isn't it?

II: Then, to be able to talk about social networks we looked at a cartoon about Mark Zuckerberg. This cartoon highlights the limits of social media and in particular Facebook. On the document , people look completely brainwashed by the leader Big Zucker. He associates opposite ideas like secrecy and sharing for instance, this is an antithesis. This document denouces the abuse of the social network conceming the users' privacy. It implies that social media actually prevent any kind of privacy if they are not used wisely. Finally, it refers to George Orwell's famous novel 1984, which is a dystopia. We can thus compare Mark Zuckerberg with Big Brother, the main figure of the novel.

III: Next, we studied a situation in which a class was watched by cameras. This article from the Guardian deals with the setting up of CCTV cameras in British schools. Hundreds of schools plan install camers, however both students and teachers' union strongly disapprove of it on the grounds that the education benefits are dubious. There are pros and cons; for example the cameras allow to catch trepassers and can provide evidence. On the other hand, it raises the question of privacy. People many feel watched and spied on. Once again, the limits of progress are questioned.

To conclude, so we have seen that the world is moving forward and that progress is being made. But at times the technology goes too far with the example of cameras in schools or even Barbie and Ken in real life. One wonders how far will progress lead us in the future and if we will always manage to control it?


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