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Places and forms of power : what is the most dangerous thing: a gun or a kinder?

Fiche : Places and forms of power : what is the most dangerous thing: a gun or a kinder?. Recherche parmi 298 000+ dissertations

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I'm going to talk about « Places and Forms of Power». First of all, I would like to give a quick definition of this notion. “ Places ” could be important buildings or institutions that represent a certain form of power, for example Buckingham Palace which represent the British monarchy. “Power” is the ability to control others and may leads to conflict between those who have power and those who don’t. Power can be in many differents forms like intellectual, physical or political. In the United States it is the American government which has the power. It can, for example, allowed the right to bear an arm but forbid kinder surprise. Besides it’s not an example but a fact.

For this reason ( or that is why) we can ask ourselves, which is the more dangerous a gun or a kinder?

To answer this question I’m going to base my development around the gun control in America. In the first place I will speak about the coherence of the American laws, secondly and finally I’m going to try to understand how the evolution of the United-State made that a slaughteras the one in Las Vegas could happen.

The first document I have chosen is an image from an awareness campaign called “choose one” by Grey Toronto. The scene takes place in a classroom. The different characters depicted are a little boy who holds a toy and a little girl who holds a rifle. They are in the middle of the picture and above them we can observe the sentence “One child is holding something that’s been banned in America to protect them. Guess which one”. I remind that Kinder Surprise are illegal in United-State because authorities are afraid that the children suffocate with the surprise. So, by doing this the author wants to make us realize that some American laws are absurd. In fact, this campaign completely outlines the idiocy of, the grocery stores and banning of items like ‘kinder surprises’ compared to the free carry of guns. For me, that is completely incomprehensible, furthermore in France today, this would never be socially accepted. America’s intense patriotism and reference to their bill of rights and more specifically the second amendment (the right to keep and bear arms) is the driving factor for all pro-gun law activists. It is important that american realise that the right to bear an arm can also put in dangers their safety.

I’m going to present you a news article entitled “Gun violence in US”. It’s about a TV documentary “Bowling for columbine” by michael moore.

In this article, Michael explains us that the first sentence that a child learns about US history is that every time their ancestor were afraid, they killed or took of measure against those who frightened them. For example Pilgrims encounter the Indians and were afraid of them, so they killed them. Similarly they were afraid that British were going to come back, so they wrote the second amendment that says: “let’s keep our guns because the British could come back”. At the end, Michael explains that it is not a movie about gun or Columbine but about their culture of fear and how that fear leads their to acts of violence domestically and internationally. This article makes me think about a video from youtube “a brief history of the USA” seen in classroom. Actually, this video also shows that USA had been developed in the fear. Personally I think ,


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