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Notion spaces and exchanges : wht are stereoypes and how do they affect people's lives ?

Dissertation : Notion spaces and exchanges : wht are stereoypes and how do they affect people's lives ?. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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First of all, a space can be defined as an area which is free, available, unoccupied or not. It can also be linked to the freedom, to live, think, extend or grow up.

An exchange can be defined as the act of giving something and receiving another in return.

We will study this notion through the idea of stereotypes.

What Are stereotypes and how do they affect people’s lives ?

A stereotypes can be defines as An idea or image of a person or group, based on a simplification of real or perceived traits. Stereotypes reflect the idea we have of those who are different from us

First, I will talk about the causes Then the consequences of this topic.

I – Cause

Too begin, we can assume that stereotypes are coming during our childhood, to differentiate peoples from differents countries, we had to use clichés to distinguish our origins. So , We tend to use a few adjectives to quickly describe a stranger. They can come from what we heard from them or what characterizes them. For instance, we all know English People are calm and polite, or they don’t get tanned.

Indeed, in our society, we have always been used to classifying things in different categories so that we can memorize and analyse them. It also made it easier to understand things when we were kids, and that has continued in our minds.

II – In the second place

At first sight when we travel in news countries we have some apprehension because what we heard, what we read are full of stereotypes. For instance, We all have heard speak of French people are rude and drink a lot of wine and champagne. But when tourist come in France they are surprised for the behaviour of French People because they are not like this.

Furthermore, If your neighbour describes his trip to Italy and mentions the fact that Italians make the best pizzas and the most beautiful costumes, you will assimilate this information to all Italians. However, as in all countries of the world, there are Italians who are calm, wearing jeans and t-shirts and eating industrial pizzas.

Can be added that negative stereotypes can be a source of discrimination.

To conclude the subject highlighted different side of stereotypes.

Personally I think that try to make up your own opinion to avoid the clichés you know, don’t blindly believe what people say strangers if you have not had the opportunity to rub them yourself.


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