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Myths and heroes: what is the role of heroes in our society?

Dissertation : Myths and heroes: what is the role of heroes in our society?. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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I will present the concept of "myths and heroes." The definition of a hero is vast. In fact, there are different types of hero. A hero can be a fictional character or a real person, who is still living or historical and marked the history and daily life. a hero can become a myth, the myth is a character that has existed and died. It was a hero that marks the history of humanity and who is known to all.


Problématique : What is the rôle of heroes in our society ?

To answer this question I will talk at first about the everyday heroes, with the story of Sully Sullenberger. Finally, I will mention the suffragettes, who fought for the women rights

When we are talking about « hero », most of us think about super heroes like batman or superman.
But superheroes are only fictitious. In real life, millions of men put their lives at risk to protect and save others. We have seen many heroes emerge over the past centuries. These people show us that there are indeed choices involved in the process of living a respectable life. I want to talk about sully sullenberger, who land a US airplane in the hudson river in NYC. For all the people, he was considered as a hero. He's part of this kind of person who decided and made the personal choice to place every single person's life at the highest regard. A real hero is that person who did what need to be done when it need to be done without even inch of doubt

I want to talk now about the women rights. The suffragettes is a movie that tells the story of women who foughtfor the equality beteen genders. Indeed, in the 19
th century, men over 21 years oldwere allowed to vote but women didn't have the right to vote at all. The common thinking was that women were inferiorto men and that they were unable to take important decisions. By the end of the century, The suffragettes were founded in reaction to this injustice. Their goal was that women would be given a chance to prove themselves, get a better education and then get the right to vote. The first martyr of this movement was Emily Davidson, who ran in front of a horse race and died, in order to put aware the world of this injustice. The suffragettes movements shows a good exemple  of how heroes, such as Emily Davidson were wiling to sacrifice their lives for their ideas.The suffragettes were heroes and had an important rôle in our society because thanks to them, women rights ha ve improved progressively in the world

Conclusion : 

We need heroes to have things in which to believe, to give us courage. But also to keep the peace and save lives. These heroes, whether real or imaginary, drive men to follow their dreams and believe in a better world and it is surely this hope that will improve our world. To conclude, we could say that being inspired by heroes is important to show you that your dreams can come true, but you must not forget that you have to act for your own success.


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