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The power of advertising

Étude de cas : The power of advertising. Recherche parmi 241 000+ dissertations

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Advertising is everywhere, that's true. however, is that really a bad thing?

There are many articles that show us the negative side of advertising.

bad for Man , bad for the environment , if we agree with justin lewis and his article , we should stop all interest in advertising, and banning it.

It is true that the purpose of an advertisement is to target buyers and study their case in order to buy. That’s why Justin Lewis uses the term "propaganda". However this fact is absolutely not hidden from the eyes of consumers and we can all be aware that advertisers are trying to attract us. The only real "victims" could be the young , who , more naive would be attracte.

Some journalist sayed that all this, stifles our imagination. But that's not true everywhere.

An advertisement whatever it is, can be interpreted in different ways by different individuals and precisely give way to our imagination for understand the ad.

Much more than the idea of an inssitation to the consumption, the advertisements are essential in the countries or rule the democracy.

Indeed, allowing companies to express themselves as they wish, in a comical, shocking or other manner is a way of emphasizing freedom of expression.

That is why banning advertising completely would be a serious violation of our values.

Without advertising, small and new start-up businesses would be plunged into an impossible market; reducing competition, increasing market monopolies, and dramatically reducing consumer choices.

We need to choose our own brand ,to maintain our independence.


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