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The power of image

Discours : The power of image. Recherche parmi 298 000+ dissertations

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During the 18th century, philosophers and writers tried to break the vicious circle of ignorance. Rather then to always rely on religion or the power of the King to justify some ideas and concepts, they started using a scientific approach to promote tolerance, progress, and individual liberties. This intellectual movement led to people questioning the statements given by the institutions of this time. Nowadays, with televisions and computers, the media is trying to influence the people, using “The power of image”. Even with all the progress that have been made, people tend to not challenge these “modern myths”.

I will discuss consumption in our societies, and how the media is making us think that we need to own material things in order to be happy. I will use as an example the social media youtube to illustrate my point.

Youtube have started to grow in the last five years. More and more, we see you tubers, people making videos for a living. Their job is to present videos about makeup, cooking, fitness, video games, and more. Aside from the informative aspects of these videos, some you tubers are making the choice to show a little more about their personal life, filming “daily vlogs” (video blogs).

What I’ve noticed watching vlogs made by beauty gurus, is that they always look happy and satisfied of their life. In most of these videos, they go around in their car to their multiple appointments, to the hairdresser, to put on fake eyelashes, going to the gym, going to the grocery store. For young girls watching, they will obviously look up to these girls and try to imitate there happiness by buying the same stylish products, or doing some other trendy activites. These beauty gurus are creating trends that you have to follow in order to be happy.

However, these girls are usually just showing the things that they want people to see. Like everyone of us, some of them may suffer from personal problem in other aspects of their life that doesn't involve consumption, like school or family. Second of all, most products they show are sponsored by brands that the hope to make some advertising threw these teenagers. In fact, companies are using these you tubers, because they are relatable, so more convincing then adds on tv.

I think that people are feeling safe following a trend, being a part of a group. It reassures them from very human fears : the one of not being love or accepted. Media are always playing with those fears. It’s the conclusion that we can make from every other modern myth that we have studied in class.


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