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The power of music

Discours : The power of music. Recherche parmi 296 000+ dissertations

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What is music for you ? How can you link it to the notion of power ?

The sentence « music has charms to soothe the savage breast » reminds about the power of a song on a mind. That's why I often listen to all kinds of music : in the street, in the shower, in my bed, I listen to music everywhere !

First, when I walk alone in the street, or when I take the bas or the train, I always listen to music. Because no matter what the world looks like, its always more beautiful with that. When I put a rhythmic song in my headphones, everything looks different, i feel better in my body, in my head, and I have more self-confidence. As if everything moved at the pace of my song and were refreshed by the melody.

Bye the way, Music is also a great motivater for me. When I have to clean my room or when I'm doing exercice for example, I put upbeat music because it makes me want to move physically and it gives me more energy.

Music allows me to change my mood too. It gives emotions. That's why when I am sad, I change my mood with enjoyable music or I entensify it with a bluesy song because some of them represent exactly the situation in wich I am. It's a good way to let my emotions go so I could say that music heals. And even if i'm not sad, I know that I have already cried because of the melody or the lyrics of a soulful song.

Music has also the power to make me relax.

After a stressful day at school, if I need to relax i put melodic or jazzy music.

And sometimes, if I can't sleep, i put relaxing songs, like those that they put in massage parlar you know !! and it works !!!. But quite the opposite, when I am angry, i tend to listen to rap music, it makes me feel ditermined so I unwind.

A music makes it possible to travel through time too because it reminds memories.

For example, when I listen to a music I was listening to last summer, it reminds me specifics moments with my friends to the beach, the swimmingpool or to a party. And I love these moments when you feel the same thing that you were feeling during a happy moment. It makes me feel a bit nostalgic.

Then, when I am with my friends and we need a background noise, this is the best way to get in an Atmosphere and It helps fill in the gaps.

Finally, I nodiced that music brings people together in very great vibes, it focuses our intention in feelings, and in a common experience. It makes people connexions to each other stronger. For example, people who play a musical instrument together in a band have a common connexion. That's why we use it to celebrate important events in the history like the french revolution with the marseillaise.

And personally, when I meet people who enjoy listening the same kind of music than me, I feel like we belong to a group, almost like a family. So I could say that music is an instinctive universal langage. I think that's why when we are listening to a music without lyrics, everyone, whatever where he comes from is able to say if it is bluesy, soulful, or enjoayble thanks to the rythm or the melody.

So, it can be concluded that music isn't a simple pattern of sounds made by musical instruments,


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