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The notion of progress

Fiche : The notion of progress. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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Notion of Progress: India on the move

First, I’d like to explain the notion that I’m going to deal with. The Idea of Progress permit to explain is the development of humankind in diverse societies. It can be feeling in various sectors but it can be too the origin of some problems like the desertion of tradition …

India is a country in South Asia, it’s a very large country which is one of the most populous countries in the world, is a land of paradox and contradictions too.

So we may wonder to what extant India is a contradictory country at the level of the progress. In the first part we will analyze the tradition which is very present and important in India. And, in a second time, the modern and emerging aspect of this country.

The tradition is very important in India. Indeed lots of olds customs still exists like for example the dowry which order the family of the girl to give a sum of money to the future husband's family for marriage. If the bride's family can’t give dowry, the husband's family begins to violate the woman who ends up committing suicide or being murdered. However this tradition cause lots of problems: in some poor families: parents don’t want to have daughters because this is too much “expansive”.

In class, we studied a extract of “Secret daughter”, a new of of Shilipi Somaya. It relates the story of a couple: Kavita and Jasu, who were just having a girl. The part of the story we worked in class deals with the fear of the mother to have a daughter. The husband didn’t want to keep the baby because of financial problems.

In lots of Indians minds, a baby girl represents a drain for the family whereas a boy helps in the business of parents.

Therefore, this tradition is also responsible for deaths each year which is call gendercide. In fact it’s estimated that there were 940 girls for every 1000 boys and lots of girls go missing every year, so there is a important imbalance between the number of girls and boys.

In opposition with the traditional aspect, there lot of modern element in India.

Indeed is a country where we can notice the development of lots of bigs cities with skyscrapers (skyline of building in Mumbai) but the development of the high-technology and high-tech cities like Hyderabad too. In this type of city, it builds new shopping malls, hotels and internationals firms like for example Google or QuisLex ...

India developed his own film industry too which is called Bollywood. It is modelled on Hollywood and export movies all around the world.

All this evolution that we can observe in this country has been the principal pillar helping India to achieve record GDP (Gross Domestic Product) growth of more than 8 percent every year since 2004.

India has become a booming country; it’s a country on the march.

In conclusion, speaking about India, we can say that there is a dual vision of this count. On one side, we can tell that India is really modern, opening to the world and very developed. And on the other side, we can notice a very important attachment to the tradition with the dowry which causes a lot of problems like gendercide.

Speaking about contradictions, inequalities and dual vision,


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