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The notion of Progress

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The notion of Progress

I’m going to present you is the notion of Progress.

The notion of progress is the idea that the world can be better in terms of science, technology, rights and quality of life. Progress implies changes in the way of life, tradition and vision of world. We studied the notion of progress in the scientific field, with genetic manipulation.

But what are the advantages and the disadvantages of scientific progress? For example do we really consider genetic manipulation to be progress?

The scientific progress allows improving life condition and keeping alive sufferers. The Scientifics find medical treatment witch slow down or cure diseases, however Scientifics dream to eradicate all illness possibility as soon as the embryo.

“A savior sibling” or “designer baby” is a child who is born to save a family member who is affected with a fatal disease. The child is conceived in through in-vitro fertilization and PGD “pre-implantation genetic diagnosis”. The child is destined to provide an organ or cell transplant in order to cure the illness.

Some people object to the designer baby for moral reasons. On the one hand they‘re afraid that the children became a commercial production because with the genetic manipulation we could choose cosmetic characteristics in order create a human model of perfection. Of course the principal Scientifics’ interest is to cure genetics diseases, but we know the human can be able to do terrible thing like the atomic bomb or Nazism.

On the other they are afraid there may be psychological effects on the savior sibling. In fact, it may be difficult for child to know that he was conceived to save his ill brother and if his brother wasn’t sick he wouldn’t be alive. Some people are also afraid that the children can be exploited, this is idea presented by Jodi Picoult in his novel “my sister keeper”, which Anna a designer baby who sues her parents for medical emancipation. Since she was born, she suffered some medical procedure in order to cure her sister who has cancer. The twice young girls are tired from operations. The writer mentions the idea that it’s not right to keep alive a person who is very sick. We must be realist, the children are young but they know that they will die and they don’t want passed their life fighting in a hospital, they just want live like anyone.

We can consider genetically modified organism to be progress, thanks to the medical progress, we can save life, improve life condition and maybe in the future eradicate some genetic diseases. I not agree to create a child to save a sick child, of course it depends of illness but I don’t want make suffer twice child. I think the medical progress is very important because there are a lot of severe genetic diseases. Obviously we must be very careful and set up limits and rules.


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