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The Notion Of Progress

Mémoires Gratuits : The Notion Of Progress. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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The notion of progress

Progress is a forward movement. Thanks to it, humanity advances. I’m going to speak to you about different types of progress like technical, scientific and social progression.

When we speak about technology we think of information technology. The book “an unofficial biography of Steve Jobs “gives up an example of Steve Jobs’ story which is amazing, he has begun his invention in a garage. During all his life, he has contributed to develop his products in order to make easier the daily use of a computer. He has created Apple which is the second firm all around the world.So the development of the new technologies have worked a lot for the freedom of expression. For exemple with the Arab spring the social networks have allowed population to communicate and put a stop to the end of totalitarian government.

It’s impossible to discuss the notion of progress without talking about scientific progress

All human being who practices competition wants to improve his performance. At each competition the stress increases and he is tempted for the talking of illicit substances. A new innovation promoted by the International Olympic Committee allows to detect with a better accuracy the doping. This discovery restores the true values of sport. The physical performances are limits that athletes can’t overcome in order to become ill. Lance Armstrong has won several times the “tour de France” and he has been detected positive to the dumping test. All his awards have been picked up. He was consider like a hero, in fact it is a cheater. He has lost credibility, it’s a shame for the sports world.

Don’t forget to speak about the social progresses which are very important.

The text “a change of heart” shows us how we can change our life because of an expected event. Indeed ,in the novel, the protagonist learns that he has three or four years to live. He leaves his job and dedicates himself to black young children. In South Africa we can consider that mentality has improved because white man can help black young children. In the 80’ segregation has been abolished in the public places and in firm under international and inside pressure. Mandela has been the first black president of South Africa .

We can say that progresses have advantages and drawbacks. Scientific progress can cure diseases and stop doping but it can also create ethical problems.

Technical progress enables somebody to do something easier but we can also dehumanize society and cut off from the real world.

Social progress hasn’t drawback and has only advantages. He allows the best education for everyone.


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