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The notion of progress: is progress always positive?

Analyse sectorielle : The notion of progress: is progress always positive?. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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 A progress is a movement toward a goal or to a further or higher stage. The idea of progress can be defined as an important development or a change.  

Most of people believe that the progress contributes to making the world a better place and consists in ameliorate the world, the life, the society…

However, sometimes progress leads to more problems than it solves.

So it will be interesting to ask: is progress always positive?

First we will see the positive points of progress then the negative points.

To begin with the positive points, progress is present in many domains, we can become increasingly better science, technology, in sport, liberty, democracy, quality of life….

For me and I think that it’s the same for the majority of adolescent, the most positive progress is in the communication, thanks to the phones, thanks to internet, we can be connected at all people, at all information around the globe and we can share knowledge and our home now.

In order to illustrate the positive points I have chosen 2 documents on medical progress we have studied in class.

The first document is Through Cancer and beyond.

Chris spencer survived leukaemia thanks to a special treatment. A few years later he was diagnosed with bone marrow failure. Nowadays, thanks to the many treatments, he is still alive. Even though he insists that without his circle of friends he wouldn't been able to make it mentally and physically, he owes it all to the different treatments that didn’t exist a few years ago.

This document illustrates positive points of scientific progress. This medical progress has allowed life of a man and it’s undeniable that is a positive points for the humanity. Thanks to medicine progress, we live more longer and in better conditions.

 The second text is called Superbugs, Spread around the world.  

We see that a baby dies seven days after his birth, even though the doctors had given the baby a large quantity of antibiotics. And because there are not medically advanced enough, the baby is dead. Indians have among the highest rates of infections in the world .Consequently, the bacteria at the origin of the baby’s death came probably from her mother. The absence of better sanitation and hygiene is a danger for the health of Indians.

In this case, the text illustrates the necessity of progress. The hygiene and medical progress can bring only positive points. This country have to progress.                                                    


To introduce the part on the positive points i said that i was thinking the most positive point is the communication with phones and internet. Indeed concerning the phones, the negative points, the danger are the addiction. We can also say that the Internet and social networks isolate us in a virtual world, it create a lack of human contact. Some people are disconnected from the real world.

Moreover, recent studies show that the cell phones might have some effects on the human's health.

So as to illustrate the negative points I chosen also two documents.

With the text entitled “without workers, workers without wealth” we see that appearances of machines replaces men. Although we can see a progress

for the company that no longer needs to pay workers, and that improves its productivity. But the appearance of machines deletes jobs and creates poverty.

Indeed humans have to work for live and if the machines replaces the humans, the humanity goes to his loss.


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