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The Notion Of Progress

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I'm going to talk about Idea of Progress; the idea of progress can be defined as an improvement a development or a change: a technical, scientific or social advance which contributes to make the world better place.

This year in class wee studied several documents about the idea of progress and in particular the science progress.

We'll see what effect these progress can have on our society?

Consequently we are going to weigh the positives and negatives aspects of progress in science and medicine

I. Positive aspects of progress

Firstly, we studied a Video of which title was « Dolly, the First Cloned Mammal ». In 1996, Dolly was the first mammal to be created by cloning, he becoming the most famous sheep in history. Cloning is the production of genetically identical organisms. From a medical point of view it would be a great step forward for the human condition. This could be used to counter genetic diseases - having a source of genetically identical body parts for transplant patients in order to save their lives. This also would provide the opportunity for sterile couples to have babies.

For example the scientific progress allows also improving life condition and keeping alive sufferers. The Scientifics find medical treatment witch slow down or cure diseases. The “Designer baby” is a child who is born to save a family member who is affected with a fatal disease. The child is conceived in through fertilization and PGD “pre-implantation genetic diagnosis”. The child is destined to provide an organ or cell transplant in order to cure the illness. We studied a newspaper article drawn from USA Today published in October 2010; it talks about Molly Nash and her brother Adam Nash. Molly is affected with Fanconi’s Anemia and she was saved by her brother Adam. Adam is the first designer baby, when he was born his blood from umbilical cord was transplanted to his sister. This article shows the advantage of the scientific progress, in fact the medical benefits allow saving life but the designer’s babies are disputed.

These documents show that science's progress can correct nature’s mistakes and improve the human condition.

We will see the negative aspects of progress.


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