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The notion of progress

Résumé : The notion of progress. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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I’m going to talk about the notion of progress which it’s present in both pictures. We’re talking progress as improvment progress for a better life. So we ask which kind of progress do we find in these pictures ?

In Demain, even if its deals especially with agriculture (it’s a documentary). The film  give us a very complete presentation of progress. We see a lot of technical progress (geothermal energy, mecanisation), a lot of scientific progress ( fertilizer, solar energy) and social progress too (community, school). Besides we see also that progress can mean « step back » when it has made us some mistake. In fact, a real progress must only be without danger.

Of course, in Thor, we have a very different idea of progress. It talks about scientific progress. And as thor is a « science fiction » film, we discover a fantasy progress which will never exit… Maybe we are not only the Earth but in the Cosmos we are not alone in the Univer anymore… we can use the teleportation. Despite of these unreal aspect, the picture « Thor » suceeds in proving that progress is great. Indeed, Nathalie Portman met young girls to motivate them for a scientific studies by meeting scientists and creating a video.

But in the two pictures, we understand that progress can bee dangerous. In Demain, because of the progress there is climate warming, maybe we’re going to starve. And in Thor, we see that progress products more violence. Fortunetaly, progress allows a better knowledge of the world, of the Univers and more tolerance. In Thor, the « Mortels » and the others become friend and in Demain, the progress is to make people more solidaire, more motivated to do sometimes together.

In conclusion, we must learn that there are 2 sides of progress. A technical, scientific progress which is going to improve the condition of life : more food, work less tirning… But progress must be always moral, if not, it’s going to help rich people to get riche, to help power people to be more power. We only can talk of progress if the whole humanity. Progress has to make people happier.


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