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The notion of progress : the technological progress

Cours : The notion of progress : the technological progress. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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Introduction :

We are going to speak about the nocion progress. This nocion treats on the progress wich defines itself by first : a forward movement, an advance or a development. And secondly by : a gradual betterment, especially the progression development (like humankind).

We are more specifically going to speak about the technological progress and naturally of the net which revolutionized our way of life these last sixty years. We go to see first of all the advantages of the latter ,and then the inconveniences, and to finish a study of the company Google.


Internet take more and more place in our lifestyles and for a good reason it possess many advantages :

1p86: We read a document which spoke about the strength of people through internet with regard to the sharing of knowledge, about contacts, about documents and more. In particular thanks to Wikipedia which is the biggest free, on-line and available encyclopedia of the world in 200 languages.

PL:Before it was not easy to make new friends, you had to go parties or join a dating agency but thanks to application like fb you can communicate with plenty to people, send emails, post photos or videos, chat online, share files, create blog, speak live through skype for exemple.

Skype p87: With Skype, they can see each other, all everyday for free, bridge the gap between generations, get in touch with people who live far away or in remote places like in Himalaya.

Multi-function cell phones:There are more mobile phones than computers. Most students utilsent their smartphones for everything except make calls. The majority use it for texting or going online.

MOSOSO applications are developed all the time to answer the need Internet on smartphones

E-learning: Even in education is present technology in countries where children's education is not a priority as in Latin America or Africa. In Kenya for example, they are investing in mobile wifi devices rather than computers to reduce the cost of education in rural areas.

Thanks to the technology of children who do not have access to education can use it and it can allow them to motivate them to continue as long studies.

PL:girls blog : A few years ago, girls had blogs whereas boys rather posted videos. In the post girls kept a diary whereas boys played music or short films so it was logiciel evolution. Today's blogs have nearly disappeared, replaced by facebook wall or an equivalent.


Unfortunately, there are many inconveniences or even dangers of its use :

1p86: Entertainment, publishing and advertising are at risk because Google competes with newspapers or magazines and DVDs are not purchased, they are uploaded and shared on streaming sites. And for Wikipedia, the quality is generally high, but sometimes you have to check the information on other sources since they are volunteers who write articles.

PL p86: People can make a mistake between their real friends and those whom they have on Fb. People post their people. But be careful never to give away your passwords or too personal information.



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