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Spaces and exchanges : What extent immigration is both a denaturating and rewarding experience ?

Fiche : Spaces and exchanges : What extent immigration is both a denaturating and rewarding experience ?. Recherche parmi 298 000+ dissertations

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Intro:   I am going to talk about Spaces and Exchanges. I will use 3 documents : 2 texts and a picture. Documents are  chiefly (principalement)about immigration to the United States


The United States is a country of immigrants who travelled from far away to have a new and better life. Then in the US, they settled the land from east to west, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean.  Indeed, in the first place, America was in habited by Indians, but French Spanish and English came to settle down, and they controlled immigration. Immigrants received a lot from the New World but they also gave a lot, which made the United States a diverse and contrasted country. However, it is difficult to live in a new society, so the immigrants can have some problems concerning the intergration.

     What extent immigration is both a denaturating and rewarding experience ?

        Well, my first document will be a picture of the statue of liberty and a little poem, my second document will be an extract from a novel called « A Boy's Journey » written by Seymour Rechtzeit and the third document will be an extract from 5 girls, a documentary of 2001 released by Haibinh Nguyen.

        We are then going to see how the immigrants wanted to live the American dream, then we'll see the difficulties to integrate the American society, and then we will learn how the immigrants gave and received from their adopted country.

        First of all, many migrants chose to go to America. Through the two texts, we will talk about the change of space, from Poland to America, and Vietnam to America. It's the Statue of Liberty who marks the entry to the American space, with it poem, The New Colossus which says "I lift my lamp beside the golden door".

The Statue of Liberty marks the entry intoAmerican dream. It is situated at Ellis Island, which is the island where the immigrants settled first during the XXth century. It is also the symbol of a new life, a better one for poor people. The statue is one of the symbols of the United States, it's a symbol of freedom and of a better world. This is why all immigrants arriving in America wanted to see the statue. Even today, tourists who go to America, want to see the Statue because it reminds us exchanges between countries. Moreover, today's world is still a world of exchanges with a discussed topic: the globalization.

       Before the globalization, they were, indeed, many exchanges between countries, from a space to another. In the text "A boy's journey" we can see the exchange between America and her migrants from Poland. Immigrants have come with their language, culture, customs and ways of living.

     This  second document is precisely about this period. It tells the story of a young Jewish immigrant coming from Poland. When he was 8 years old, he passed medical and psychological tests in Ellis Island. He starts , next , a new life in this new country and becomes a Yiddish Singer. This story shows us amazing human exchange because the president, which is a famous and known person, help an immigrant who is not even an American.


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