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Spaces and exchanges: what attracts immigrants to live in the US ?

Étude de cas : Spaces and exchanges: what attracts immigrants to live in the US ?. Recherche parmi 298 000+ dissertations

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First of all I would like to give a definition of «Exchange». It’s a continuous movement or circulation. It includes all type of exchanges : people, trade or media. For example the immigration is a form of exchange as much as an important number of people leave their country to stay in a foreign country.The space is on the other hand a space where there is a lot of interactions between differents populations like the United States where all the population can interchange between them. The space can evolve and take different forms. However, we decided to focus our work on the United States. The concept «Spaces and Exchanges» illustrates the theme of the discovery of new space so we are going to focus on the immigration to the United States.

However, what attracts immigrants to live in the US ?

To my mind, the documents thats seems to best illustrate the notion is a drawing  called « Immigrants arrived in the USA »,

The first document that I have chosen to present you is a drawing published by the Discory Education. It deals with the immigration to the United States by boat to Ellis Island, an immigration center which allowed to integrate the United States .  In this drawing, we can see many differents immigrants arriving at Ellis Island and while watching the Statue of Liberty. On the boat we can see a lot of immigrants. The looks of, their faces reveal clearly that the main emotion these immigrants feel is :hope.

Besides we can see also the Statue of Liberty which is an iconic symbol of the American Dream . The caption is full of feelings : The autor aims to show the miserable life the immigrants were the victim of in their country of origin like the unemployment, political strife,persecution…

However Times have changed but the same problems remain because history repeats itself, even today.

We can make a link between the document and the notion because it focuses on a major issue which is the United States surnamed the « Land of Opportunity » is an area where the immigrants can have a chance to begin a new life. Moreover this main reason can explain the exchange between the people who leave their country of origin to settle in an unknow country where they will create new exchanges with the americans.

To give an answer to the problematic these immigrants want to integrate the US for political and economical reasons.
I like this document because the author exposes his point of view with a lot of emotions and I think it’s a efficient way to make people understand, especially in this case because it is a touchy subject. Indeed they decided to sacrifice their family,friends… to hide their old life.

The second document is a reportage named « Foreign students coming to study in the United States and published on November 21th 2013 and published by Mil Arcega in Voice of America.

Through this audio document, he evokes that the United States is still the top destination of the foreign students.

Comprised of 3 characters including the announcer.Nina an Indian foreign student we can listen the reasons which motivate her choice to study in the United States in Washington during the 2013 academic year . But all of them explain the influence of


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