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Places and forms of power: why did the press have so much influence?

Dissertation : Places and forms of power: why did the press have so much influence?. Recherche parmi 274 000+ dissertations

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I'm going to talk about the notion of « Places en forms of power ». First of all, I  would like to give a definition of this notion : The power is the abvility to control others, events or ressources.

There are various sorts of power like the political power, the fourth power with the press/media. First, I’m going to talk about the press, which is called the fourth power.

Nowadays, the press and media are obiquitus, that's why my question is : Why is the press powerful ?

Why did the press have so much influence ?

I took the exemple studied in class, « A Nation of Paper Readers » it's an article which show that the English people read a lot of Newspapers. In the press there is two type of Newspapers, quality papers and tabloïds. The quality papers are serious minded papers . They deal with home and overas news, and offer extensive covergage of sports and ultural events, financial reports... The tabloïds concentrate on scandals, sensational stories and like to focus on disclosing secrets about celebrities. Have two kinds of newspapers allowed to reach a larger party of the population. The press is powerful because it is read by many people

Consequence of this influence !

The second document is the last coverage of « News of the world ». « News of the world » is a tabloïd Specialized in the revelation of scandals, It was a very influential Newspaper. The newspaper is facing the revelation of illegal tapping of mobile phones of personnality. In 2007, these cases cause the resignation of a correspondent charged with following the royal family. In 2011,  Three other journalists arrested, and these case constrein The Prime Minister's Advisor to leave the post. This shows the influence of the press wich intervene directly in politics.

To conclude, The press is powerful because it is fed by the people who read it, And it has repercussion on other power


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