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Places and forms of power : how and why the women’s place in the society have elvolded?

Dissertation : Places and forms of power : how and why the women’s place in the society have elvolded?. Recherche parmi 296 000+ dissertations

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First of all I would like to give a definition of «Power». It’s the ability or official capacity to exercise control or authority over others. It can be a person, a group, or a nation having great influence over people. Power is exercised through a variety of relationships sustained or accepted, often internalized.

Power affects more than personal relationships, it shapes larger dynamics like social groups, professional organizations, and governments. There can be good or bad types of power. The notion of power implies a basic division between those who have and exercise power and those who have none or little of it.

I have stutied this notion trought the feminism and the place on women in a man’s world

I’ll try to answer the question how and why the women’s place in the society have elvolded?

My presentation is based on two main points. First i’ll talk about the évolution of the women’s place in the society and then i’ll explain you what made change things.

In the add of Folger’s coffee which was diffused 50 years ago I can see that the woman is inferior as her husband. In fact he ask her for a coffee but he doesn’t like it at all and he become angry against his wife. He is on his way for work and just before leaving his house he ask his wife for a decent cup of coffee ; that shows that the husband only see his wife as a coffee-machine and that he doesn't respect her as a human. The women’s preoccupation during the day is only make a great coffee . At night the husband is finally happy about his coffee and the wife seems proud of her . This add put forwards the fact that women were seen just as people who had to stay in the kitchen and be like slaves .

I can see common points with a recent add by the brand Nespresso. Actually in this add the women is represented only like a body with its assets and attractive shapes. George Clooney who is the main character in the add imagines her only in this way . But at the end of the add the woman seems to take power on him because he try to flirt with her yet she refuses. It shows that women position has been elvoving a lot during the last 50 years. But how did they succeed to have this better place ?

The fight for genders equality is a very sensitive subjects since a long time. Actually a century ago women were already fighting for their rights in England. We can behold that in the movie called “Suffragettes” the quest of the woman is to be existing . This movie puts forwards the fact that women had to struggle very hard to be just a little recognize as human by most of the men. The suffragettes were a group of women who did a lot for the women's case. They helped them to take more and more place in the society this shows that indeed women's place evolved but with the help and support of groups such as the suffragettes.

Thereby I think that women's place evolved but I think that it could be even better. Let's continue the quest of genders equality!


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