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Place and forms of power: Why did the Australian hurt so much the aborigines ?

Fiche : Place and forms of power: Why did the Australian hurt so much the aborigines ?. Recherche parmi 259 000+ dissertations

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Place and forms of power

I’m going to talk about the notion places and forms of power.

I’m going to give the definition about this notion: first the power is a kind of strength who allowed to have the upper hand on everyone some people can use this power to save the world, but other can make bad use. We worked two documents in classe.

My problem is Why the Australian so much hurt the aborigines ?

The first time, we worked about a movie. The film come of a real story, Gracie, Molie and Daisy I will resume her. The rabbit proof fence; the Australia was cut by a fence. There are Molly 14 years old, her sister Daisy 8 years old and their cousin Gracie 10 years old. Familie to raise “civilize” them in a settlement for half-caste kids to be aducated the whites. And those kids would never belong to upper classes of the society but would toil all their lives. Aboriginal ans half-caste( the children have a black mother and white father) children were removed from their families by the australian gouvernement to be raised in white settlement. Their living conditions were very hard. In other words insteed of saving their culture, traditions, language, they were forced to speak English. Mr Nevile, the man is who it asks to ask for the kidnapping of the aborigines. The man forced them to be obedient and submissive. Mr Neville is aim: he wants to erase the “unwanted aboriginal race”, that is to say half-caste people. He believes that controlling marriage and birth he wiil succed. He wants to use “eugenic”. The whites did that so that the population aborigines disappear so that man generally is purer.

The second document is the text of Prime Minister kevin kudd’s speech to Parliament. He repeat “we say sorry” for the past deed. The prime minister apologize to the Indigenous people and for breaking up families. The Australian ministry regret for the evil which they made has this population. The Australian gouvernement wants to apologire for depriving some children of their roots. The nation feels sorry and remorseful for the past genocide, for the past injustices, indignity, degradation for the removal of Aboriginal children. Those children who were removed.  The Prime Minister apologizes to write a new chapter of the Australians History, he refus to a blemished chapter. He hopes to close the gap between Indigenous and Indigenous people and he hopes for mutual respect.

In conclusion, it’s that before white people had the power on the indigenous people. But now the prime minister hopes to clos grap between indigenous people and non-indigenous.


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