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The idea of progess : What are the impacts of global warming ?

Fiche : The idea of progess : What are the impacts of global warming ?. Recherche parmi 298 000+ dissertations

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Introduction:Définition: I will introduce you the definition of “Idea of progress”. The idea of progress in an advance, a development or a change in the society in different sectors: scientific, technologic,social…

Problematic:What are the impact of global warming ?

Announcement of the plan:

For the first/second part, I’m going to speak about:

I- Consequences of climate change (Canada)

II- The speech (Leonardo Di Caprio)


I-Consequences of climate change

There are many consequences of climate change in some parts of the world. For example, in Canada, the global warming is present because of the summer is longer and hotter, it’s becoming more difficult to live off fishing when it’s hot. Therefore, there no solutions for this problem in Canada. So, it is a bad consequences for the world because she create more problems for the population and the animals. After, in the reportage with Dan Simon aired in CNN TV, he talk about the draught in California in USA. In fact, we can see there that ecosystem is strongly impacted by the draught. The lakes are dried-up and the fish die. Then, Simon explains that the draught also strongly impact the population because the cereals cannot grow without water and the price of food rises.

II-The speech

I’m going to show you that speech have an impact of global warming.

Like Leonardo Di Caprio, Arnold Schwarzenegger or Michael Bloomberg, lot of people are delivers speeches about the global warming. For example, Leonardo Di Caprio delivers a speech about this and find a solution to reduce the global warming at a conference in the United Nation. He also mention à march will take place in the street of New York to denounce the climate crisis. He said that collective actions are necessary to resolve the problem.


To conclude, many people talk about the global warming and do march for change the world. But, lot of problems are there and don’t have solutions and it is very dangerous for the world like in California when it is a draught or Canada.


Introduction:Définition: I will introduce you the definition of “Spaces and Exchange”. The notion deals will the geographical and symbolic areas with all society and interactions between men.

Problematic: What drives people to leave their country to live in another country and why?

Announcement of the plan:

For the first/second part, I’m going to speak about:

I- The

II- immigration

II- Reason of immigration


I- The immigration

The immigration is many frequent in all country. In the 19th century, millions of people from all over the world took the decision to immigrate to the United States of America for pursuit what is call the American Dream : the chance of a new and better life, opportunities and success. Most immigrant come from Asia and Mexico. The majority of immigrant live in California, New York and Texas.

II- Reason of immigration

Many people want to live in the United States because of the American dream for have an opportunities if you work hard and make sacrifices. Furthermore, the poverty is also a reason of immigration because lot of people are poor and want a better life for her family. So, there are states with better job opportunities this is why there are go in America. After, the USA is very attractive today and can be open lot of job for the immigrants poor. Also, lot of people want to change for the cultures and exchange with another population like italians, asiatiques or afro-American.


To conclude, the immigration is the perfect example of exchanges in spaces because he creates lot of cultures and exchanges like in America, where is lot of cultures and value between differents population. Also, the people want go and live in another country because of the poverty, the war and live the American dream.


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