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  • Alice Wonder

    Alice Wonder

    SEPULVEDA KEVIN Devoir anglais n°1 26/11/18 BTS 1A COM ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ Exercice 1: English Francais rank(v) classer warehouse entrepôt chore(n) corvée odd jobs petits boulots forecast(n) prévoir loan(n) emprunt savings(n) économies wholesale en gros enable(v) permettre pioneer(v) innover supply chain chaîne de distribution revamp(v) remodeler smooth(adj) sans problème RFDI tag

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  • Alice's Adventure In Wonderland

    Alice's Adventure In Wonderland

    GATARD Noëlia-Terminale L 09/11/2016 Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland * Picture of the book, from the chapter five “Advice from the Caterpillar”. * Picture of the book, from the chapter seven “ Mad of Tea Party” = I am going to present the theme of The Imaginary; he has become a

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  • Alpha City

    Alpha City

    global city is an alpha city with an economic, ecological, political and social influence over the world. In 1950, they were 83 cities with over a million people; by 2000 they were over 400. But how do these alphas cities manage society? And how do global cities include ecology

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  • Alternatives schools

    Alternatives schools

    The notion I'm going to speak about is : the idea of progress, which can be defined, as an improvement, a development or a change. It can be a technical, scientific or social advance which contributes to make the world a better place. So, in relation to this notion, my

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  • Amazon - idea of progress

    Amazon - idea of progress

    Amazon - Progress Idea Progress is a development to make our lives better. It covers many subjects such as the development of countries and the world, new modes of communication, technologies and innovations and even the personalities who have contributed to progress! It shows how the world has evolved over

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  • Amelie


    Opérateurs Prestations Orange Business Service ACTUELLEMENT SFR BOX Crealiz Bouygues BOX Paritel Changement du matériel Ligne fixe (pour 8 communications) : 319.2€ HT par mois 127.5€ HT par mois 189 € HT par mois 130 € HT par mois 328.70€ HT par mois Appels illimités oui oui oui oui oui

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  • America during the 20's

    America during the 20's

    America in the 20's * After WW1, durieng the 20's, the USA entered a period of economic boom which made the envy of the world, this exciting time is know as the « roaring twenties » : → USA were high profits and a social revolution. → Huge numbers of

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  • American Dream

    American Dream

    I’m going to deal with the American dream. This subject falls into the notion “Myth and heroes” because the American Dream is the idea that any person living in the united states through his work, his courage and his determination can become prosperous. I’m going to answer the following question

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  • American Dream

    American Dream

    Bac Pro Anglais American Dream Introduction : A space is a land limited by borders and an exchange can be an export of object, money or people like tourism or even migration. In fact, many persons migrate to another country for political or economic reasons. It is the case for Mexican

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  • American Dream

    American Dream

    Myths and heroes are generally linked to one another: myths are popular beliefs or stories that are usually embodied by heroes, and some heroes, real or fictitious, have become mythical characters. I’ve chosen to talk about the American Dream. I’ll try to answer the following question: is the American Dream

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  • American dream

    American dream

    ORAL BLANC ANGLAIS Introduction : Hello today i will present you the notion of Myth and Heroes. Myth and heroes, myth is a story that may or not be true, there are no actual proof that myth is true. Myth are different for each culture. They may have started as

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    SPACES AND EXCHANGES Good morning/afternoon, I have drawn the notion Spaces and Exchanges, so first I will offer a definition of two keywords: Spaces: which can be the geographic or symbolic areas that our society occupies in this case, in reality and at the cinema and Exchanges which between or

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  • American Elections.

    American Elections.

    As we all know, american presidential elections are around the corner. Even though voting day is until November 8, it has been a trending topic since the beginning of the run in January this year. We have come a long way since then. To be able to make your voice

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  • American hero

    American hero

    What are you working on ? You look really concentrated. I am. I’ve been working on this the whole afternoon. I’m here to show the work that Baeack Obama has done for his country. He’s a real hero to me. Why would you chose him as a hero ? He’s

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  • American Highways

    American Highways

    Anglais oral : From the Colorado River to Los Angeles, the route follows the Santa Fe Rail Road railway line and his name was National Old Trails Highway. In 1936, Illegal militias claimed 100 dollars to pass in Okies otherwise they shoot the traveler dead. It is necessary to join

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