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  • Anglais : interviez about Vimy Ridge

    Anglais : interviez about Vimy Ridge

    JOURNALIST. Hello Penny, how is it going at Vimy Ridge ? PENNY. Everything is ok, the sun is shining. People from all walks of life come by the thousands, to say thank you and to remember. They gather under the soaring pillars of the Canadian National Vimy Memorial to mark

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  • Anglais : le présent simple

    Anglais : le présent simple

    Le présent simple : (Sujet + Verbe + Compléments) Le présent simple a 4 utilisations : 1. Il décrit une habitude, une action régulière. « I go to school every day. » (Je vais à l’école tous les jours.) 2. Il énonce des faits généralement vrais. « People are often

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  • Anglais : Lieux et formes de pouvoir

    Anglais : Lieux et formes de pouvoir

    Anglais : Lieux et formes de pouvoir First of all, I will talk about the notion Seats and forms of power, since the beginning of the year we studied several documents about this notion, in order to illustrate this notion, I choose the empowerment of citizens and I will try

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  • Anglais : notion of progress

    Anglais : notion of progress

    NOTION OF PROGRESS Introduction : I'm going to talk about the « notion of progress ». First of all, I would like to give a definition of this notion. The notion of progress is the idea of evolution in the medical field, and the future of human. This evolution may

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  • Anglais : politics

    Anglais : politics

    the policy concerns the organization of a company. One would think that only the economic elite and wealthy citizens would be interested in politics. In this case, average citizens would be inattentive to politics and ignore public policy issues. However, in a mass media society and where public policies concern

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  • Anglais : Spaces and Exchanges (Brexit)

    Anglais : Spaces and Exchanges (Brexit)

    Anglais : Spaces and Exchanges (Brexit) I'm going to talk about the notion Spaces and exchanges. First of all, i would like to give a definition of exchange. An exchange is the act of giving or receiving something in substitution for something else. In today’s modern-day world these exchanges can

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  • Anglais : Water wars

    Anglais : Water wars

    Sans titre:Users:kenza:Desktop:dev ang.tiff Sans titre:Users:kenza:Desktop:dev ang 2.tiff Temps à consacrer à l’évaluation : 45 minutes maximum. Read the following text. Water wars Fishermen haul in their nets on the Sea of Galilee. Things seem to have chan- ged little from biblical times, but they have. These waters are a source

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  • Anglais ag cned

    Anglais ag cned

    October 15th Mercurystaff, Mercury Ltd, 502 Holloway Road, N7 6JD de Londres, le Royaume-Uni (020 7251 7482) Dear Madam, Mister, According to the appeared announcement this 12 October N under reference NO / DICE 1603, you are in search of a helper of direction. Deeply interested by this offer, I

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  • Anglais aide oral

    Anglais aide oral

    My name is Nicolas Ligeiro. I'm Eigthteen. I live in Foissac it's small village near Uzes in the south of France . I'm student at the Mfr where i'm studying to get a vocational baccalaureate in service to people and territories that means that I'm trained to take care of

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  • Anglais bac

    Anglais bac

    Anglais: The suffragettes : Emmeline Pankhurst (1858 - 1928) Intro : "I am here as a soldier who has temporaly left the field of battle in order to explain what civil war si like when civil war is waged by women." Emmeline Pankhurts uses the emotive words soldier, battle, war,

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  • Anglais BAC - Synthèse Idea Of Progress

    Anglais BAC - Synthèse Idea Of Progress

    Anglais – Synthèse 1 Idea of Progress Nowadays technology is omnipresent in our lifes. But the scientists claim that technological devices can have negative aspects / consequences on users. That’s why technology can have positive and negative aspects, and we can wonder if we could live without technology ? To

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  • Anglais bac : idea of progress

    Anglais bac : idea of progress

    Today, I’m going to talk about the idea of progress. For me the progress is the development of society in certain fields. Progress has existed since man exists and I think he will exist as long as man exists. There are many kinds of progress. So first of all I

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  • Anglais bac oral form of power

    Anglais bac oral form of power

    Today I'm going to talk about the notion of places and forms of power. First of all, the notion of place could represent anything that holds power. Secondly, power is the ability to influence people's behavior, it can be related to law, money, media or education. For examples, the physical

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  • Anglais Bac pro, company organisation

    Anglais Bac pro, company organisation

    Company Organisation Wether they are called companies, firms or corporations, the different workplaces can also be named businesses. I. Definitions There are four main types of legal statuses in English-Speaking countries: - Private limited company=Ltd= SARL: These are companies which are not quoted on the stock market. - Public Limited

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  • Anglais BTS

    Anglais BTS

    Devoir anglais 1 Partie 1 : compte rendu écrit en français : Sherry Lawson écrit un courriel dans lequel elle explique les problèmes qu’elle a rencontré lors de son voyage. Elle raconte que lors de son changement d’avion à Athène, elle a du attendre 3 jours avant d’avoir ses bagages.

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