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  • Aide pour faire un débat

    Aide pour faire un débat

    House supporting the motion • Define the debate • Outline the case • Develop 1-2 constructive points House opposing the motion • Accept definition or else redefine • Outline the opposition’s case • Rebut the other house’s case • Develop 1-2 constructive points • Reaffirm your team stance • Defend

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  • Air France et développement durable

    Air France et développement durable

    Résultat de recherche d'images pour "air france" Introduction Throughout this presentation, we will talk about Air France. AF is a French multinational flag carrier company headquartered in Tremblay-en-France. We chose this topic because it’s a very diversified company which plays a big role in the Pollution and Sustainable Development. Moreover,

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  • Alaska's presentation

    Alaska's presentation

    ALASKA Hi guys, I’m Brandy. I come from Alaska and I would like to present my state. THE STATE ‣ This is the biggest state of USA but it is one of the least populated. As you can see, it is on the north-west and it hasn’t frontier with our

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  • Albert Camus cas

    Albert Camus cas

    Albert Camus est un écrivain et philosophe français, né en Algérie en 1913 et mort en 1960. Au cours de la seconde guerre mondiale, il publiera L'Etranger, oeuvre inscrite dans le cycle de l'absurde, et participera activement a la résistance. Par ailleurs son implication face à l'occupation Nazie se

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  • Aldfrith


    Aldfrith est roi de Northumbrie de 685 à sa mort, le 14 décembre 704 ou 705. Fils du roi Oswiu et de la princesse irlandaise Fín, Aldfrith passe sa jeunesse en Irlande. En 685, son demi-frère aîné Ecgfrith est tué à la bataille de Nechtansmere contre les Pictes et Aldfrith

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  • Alex Ferguson presentation

    Alex Ferguson presentation

    Alex Ferguson Introduction + Problematic : Hello, my name is Loris Yolomany i am in GSCE at Baudelaire Vocationnal School, and I will introduce you my first theme called Sir Alex Ferguson Why was he knighted by the Queen ? Let me introduce to you Alex Ferguson : 1 .

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  • Alexander Graham Bell

    Alexander Graham Bell

    i was always interested in sounds. My mother was deaf and my father taught deaf people. I was creative and enjoyed inventing things. I did a lot of experiments and one day, I invented the telephone. I was born in Edimburgh, Scotland. When i was a child, i liked to

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  • Alexandria Occasio Cortez

    Alexandria Occasio Cortez

    Intro : Today, we are going du talk about a web article written by Gregory Krieg on February the 8th, a journalist of CNN. It is about, the Socio-democrat representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She is a member of The Congress since November 2018. So, the Congress is the legislative branch of

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  • Algeria


    Algeria, a Maghreb country whose capital is Algiers, is the largest in terms of area. With an area of 2,381,741 km2, it is both the largest country in Africa in the Arab world and the Mediterranean basin. This country of the Maghreb is also made up of a multitude of

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  • Alice in wonderland, Tim Burton

    Alice in wonderland, Tim Burton

    Alice in wonderland Alice in Wonderland, is a fantasy movie by Tim Burton released in 2010. During a reception, Alice Kingsleigh, who is from now on 19 years old, is asked in marriage by Hamish Ascot, an arrogant and little attractive lord. This is when she perceives a strange white

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  • Alice Wonder

    Alice Wonder

    SEPULVEDA KEVIN Devoir anglais n°1 26/11/18 BTS 1A COM ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ Exercice 1: English Francais rank(v) classer warehouse entrepôt chore(n) corvée odd jobs petits boulots forecast(n) prévoir loan(n) emprunt savings(n) économies wholesale en gros enable(v) permettre pioneer(v) innover supply chain chaîne de distribution revamp(v) remodeler smooth(adj) sans problème RFDI tag

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  • Alice's Adventure In Wonderland

    Alice's Adventure In Wonderland

    GATARD Noëlia-Terminale L 09/11/2016 Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland * Picture of the book, from the chapter five “Advice from the Caterpillar”. * Picture of the book, from the chapter seven “ Mad of Tea Party” = I am going to present the theme of The Imaginary; he has become a

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  • Alternatives schools

    Alternatives schools

    The notion I'm going to speak about is : the idea of progress, which can be defined, as an improvement, a development or a change. It can be a technical, scientific or social advance which contributes to make the world a better place. So, in relation to this notion, my

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  • Amazon - idea of progress

    Amazon - idea of progress

    Amazon - Progress Idea Progress is a development to make our lives better. It covers many subjects such as the development of countries and the world, new modes of communication, technologies and innovations and even the personalities who have contributed to progress! It shows how the world has evolved over

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  • Amelie


    Opérateurs Prestations Orange Business Service ACTUELLEMENT SFR BOX Crealiz Bouygues BOX Paritel Changement du matériel Ligne fixe (pour 8 communications) : 319.2€ HT par mois 127.5€ HT par mois 189 € HT par mois 130 € HT par mois 328.70€ HT par mois Appels illimités oui oui oui oui oui

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