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  • A Princess of Mars (une princesse de mar), Edgar Rice (document en anglais).

    A Princess of Mars (une princesse de mar), Edgar Rice (document en anglais).

    Last week we brought you the first of four programs called “A Princess of Mars.” Our story is from a series of books by American writer Edgar Rice Burroughs. They are science fiction stories, a mix of imagination and science. Last week, we met John Carter who begins the story.

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  • A propos de Noce, Jean Vigo

    A propos de Noce, Jean Vigo

    To discuss the different ways in which filmmakers of the 1920s approached the theme of the modern city I will be drawing on examples from A Propos de Nice and Manhatta. A Propos de Nice (On the subject of Nice) is a film made in 1929 by Jean Vigo and

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  • A quoi sert et comment fait-on une dissertation (document en anglais)?

    A quoi sert et comment fait-on une dissertation (document en anglais)?

    A thesis (or dissertation) may be arranged as a thesis by publication or a monograph, with or without appended papers respectively. An ordinary monograph has a title page, an abstract, a table of contents, comprising the various chapters (introduction, literature review, findings, etc.), and a bibliography or (more usually) a

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  • A quoi sert la comptabilité analytique ?

    A quoi sert la comptabilité analytique ?

    A quoi sert la comptabilité analytique ? Elle permet de calculer le coût de reviens à différentes étapes de la production des produit fabriqués par l’entreprise. On utilise La méthode des coûts complets. L’objectif de la comptabilité interne est de permettre aux gestionnaires de prendre de meilleures décisions. En comptabilité analytique

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  • A red scarf

    A red scarf

    Name: Phone number: Topic: A story of my childhood Title of story: A red scarf As for me, I am the person who loves the new and loathes the old. When I was required to write this subject about a significant object which elevates my personal stories, I cannot help

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  • A season of new beginning

    A season of new beginning

    A SEASON OF NEW BEGINNINGS Do not dwell in the past Expect great things from God this year Something good will happen 2018 is your best ever 2018 DÉCLARATION super natural shifts of Gods favor - when God is bringing your direction, you’ll experience a kind of blessing, a kind

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  • A Significant Event

    A Significant Event

    A Significant Event Lourenço Gabriel TL2 I do not have a lot of memories when it’s about my childhood, but the ones I remember are the most powerful to me. Today I’m gonna talk about THE most powerful memory that I have in my mind, so if you are sensitive

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  • A successful woman-Oprah

    A successful woman-Oprah

    A successful woman 1.Looking at the picture we can tell that this woman's professionis is related to television for exemple she can be a tv presenter. 2.Oprah Winfrey was born on Jenuary 29, 1954 in Kosciusko, Mississipi. She have meny titles like Media ogul, Philanthropist or Child Advocate.She become one

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  • A Tale of the Times

    A Tale of the Times

    Limoges Eric Limoges Professor David Leahy ANG245 A Tale of the Times “Little Red Riding Hood” is one of the fairy tales that holds a special place in many a person’s memory. From its humble beginnings as an oral story used to warn young girls to its comedic rendition in

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  • Abigail Williams

    Abigail Williams

    Abigail WILLIAMS Abigail Williams is the antagonist of the book. Abigail was an intelligent vengeful, selfish, manipulative, and a magnificent liar. She is described as "seventeen with a remarkable capacity for dissembling". Her goal is to steal Elizabeth Proctor's husband John Proctor and tries to get Elizabeth killed in the

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  • Abigail's entry in her personal diary

    Abigail's entry in her personal diary

    (253 mots) Dear Diary, I do feel terrible! I feel like living in a nightmare. This doesn’t seem like reality anymore. The villagers are becoming mad. I have just talked with my uncle, Reverend Parris. I told him to speak to the villagers in order to calm things down. I

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  • Aborigenes


    Aborigenes conceive a world created by the supernatural ancestor beings, they think that the world was a flat surface until this supernatural ancestors beings broke through the crust of earth from below, with tumultuous force, they believe that the world was in darkness until the sun rose out of the

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  • Aboriginal people

    Aboriginal people

    Aboriginal, Native, First people, est un peuple autochtone vivant dans dans des régions éloignés et isolés, au nord du Canada. Aujourd'hui, plus de la moitié des aborigènes vivent dans des réserves, environ 3,5 pourcent de la population canadienne. Les inuits, traitent la nature avec beaucoup de respect, pour préserver les

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  • Abortion


    Abortion Abortion is the intentional termination of a pregnancy. Today, abortion is a big controversial issue for women in our society. Indeed everyone doesn’t agree about the beginning of life. In general american government is divided into two part. On one hand the Democrats or pro-choice, they consider that women

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  • About the Las Vegas shooting

    About the Las Vegas shooting

    Today I'm going to talk about a article of the bbc called Las Vegas shooting: Five reasons US gun control won't happen. In this article the journalist Anthony Zurcher explain why In the USA gun ban laws can't be created. Firstly In the United Stades all citizen can keep and

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