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Idea of progress : is progress always synonymous with progress ? To what extent is progress double-aged ?

Fiche de lecture : Idea of progress : is progress always synonymous with progress ? To what extent is progress double-aged ?. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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Idea of progress

Issue n°1:

  • Is progress always synonymous with progress?
  • To what extent is progress double-aged (être à double tranchant)?

The idea of progress can be defined as an improvement, a development, a change, a technical, a scientific or a social lead, which contributes to making the world a better place. It goes through and shakes up heritages and traditions with, as a consequence, a wide variety of process of evolution but also resistances to change and we must ponder over (think about):

  • The affect of progress on the way our societies work
  • The impact progress has on the different codes of communication
  • The ethics of progress and human responsibility
  • The illusion of progress and utopias

Issue n°2:

  • Can we say no to technological progress?
  • Technological progress, where is the limit?

  1. New technologies: a better way of communicating?

Comment traiter un sujet de réflexion:

  1. Au brouillon définir les termes du sujet.
  2. Se relire et ne pas hésiter à supprimer les idées hors-sujet.
  3. Organiser ses idées pour le développement en 2 ou 3 grandes parties.
  4. Rédiger votre introduction  Une phrase d’accroche, l’annonce du sujet /problématique, annonce du plan.
  5. Rédaction au propre  en insérant des linking words, sauter des lignes entre l’intro, les différentes parties, la conclusion.
  6. La conclusion ne contient pas de nouveaux arguments et doit être courte et propose une ouverture

This video shows us many people who are using their phones all along the day: at their awakening, at lunch, until they go to sleep. Even during special moment like birthdays, concerts, and marriage proposal…

For sure, new technologies are a better way of communicating. Thanks to those, we are constantly connected with all around the world so we can instantly chat or phone with anybody. But there are limits. In accordance to this video, we can see that, now, people use their mobile phone all the time. Actually, the behaviour illustrated by the video is a little bit exaggerated to make people aware of the situation. Even though, it is truly reality: people use their mobile phone all the time. Furthermore, making aware the entire world to this situation by a video upload on the Internet, is the better way to touch all the people concerned. This video has been watched more than 51 million times.

Nowadays, the majority of the people are living their life through their mobile phone. In fact, they just keep them all the time, even the most important those, like birhtdays, concerts… Some of them will say they want to immortalise those moments. However, they don’t live the instant moment. This behaviour can disturb others who live the instant moment. For instance, a person chatting on his phone instead of chatting with his friend can be rude if his friend isn’t on his phone. I confess that I have this behaviour, only when I am lonely or getting bored. However, I prefer living the instant moment rather than filming the moment to watch it later.


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