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The idea of progress, is progress always positive?

Fiche : The idea of progress, is progress always positive?. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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Is progress always positive ?

I am going to talk about the notion of the idea of progress

First of all I would like to give a definition of the idea of progress which can be a Technological, Scientific, or social Progress or again an advance in communication this can be defined by an improvement or a development.

In order to illustrate this notion, I have chosen 2 documents: Gattaca, an extract from the

movie and an Article “Genetics will let parents build their babies”

Let me explain the reason why I have chosen those documents

I wished to submit different documents according to their point of views so their contents will create an opposition thereby we could have opinions for and against and get by this mean a right conclusion.

in each supports we directly accede to people's thoughts by direct speech and because of that it is easier to talk about what is wanted to be denounced by the author

the first document is the article written by Kate Snow in 2006 which deal with the genetics of baby. It asks questions about what could happen if we could choose the characteristics of our children even though this may cause some curiosity or disgust.She said that's already partly possible but requires a certain amount of money,.the risks are according to the document that all men are starting to become similar and this ability to shape newborns could creates a competitive spirit, and that can also harm health. This is why parents are divided on this subject

it draws attention to the fact that this revolution may prove to be tempting because this one is fascinating, this way we begin to undertake the creation of a project against Nature

at the end it shows by quotes of some people that parents will for the most part are prepared at all for the well being of their children taking the example of health

It highlights possible future inequality by specifying that the shaping of such a child may don't be granted to all populations mainly because of the excessive price.

the video document meanwhile does not address the issue in the same way.

it is an extract produced by Andrew Niccol from the science movie Gattaca.The scene is set in a an office maybe that of the geneticist.This one talks to those who turn out to be Antonio and Maria. They explained to him they want a healthy child for their son who has the criteria they wish.

This extract let see several positive aspects of the gene changes in a baby. Because we can note here the desire of parents to have a perfect child and this is the dream of all men .And this is what is promised by the doctor. He intends to take the best of each. Even if the child is used to the comfort of their other child, the second is also desired and they ensure that his health also is safe, they asked in effect that if he could be not alcoholic or myopic .

To conclude I would say that progress can be beneficial if it used wisely and with measured way, the evolution could be done without constraint.And we will finally live in a healthier way.I think both documents provides relatively


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