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Spaces and exchanges : why did people emigrate to the USA?

Fiche : Spaces and exchanges : why did people emigrate to the USA?. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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Spaces and exchanges

        I'm going to present the notion « spaces and exchanges ». An exchange is the act of giving or receiving something in subtitution for something esle. It can take several forms : economic, cultural, movement of people. I'm going to talk about the movement of people to USA.


        Over the last decades, the US-Mexico border has become a debated issue. It is one of the longest borders in the world. Indeed, it has become a strategic place for legal and illegal business. Not only commercial exchanges take place there, it is also a strategic point for drug dealing.

        To illustrate the notion, I have chosen to talk about immigrants. Indeed there are 11 millions illegal immigrants in the US.

I will focus more specifically on the case of the Mexicans, they represent 78% of the illegals immigrants. Mexico, unlike the United States, is a victim of unemployment and poverty, that is why the USA appears as a land of opportunities for job seekers. It is the reason why many destitute Mexicans cross the border.

the major problem is the fence, Trump wants to build a wall to stop illegal immigration. Since the arrival of Trump, the question of wall between Mexico and USA has become a main debate with many opposants. It will cost a lot, it does not solve the problem of migration flows. A lot of immigrants try to cross this border, but it's dangerous, there are some patrols to prevent the entry of undocumented people or drug dealing. As a result, some migrants give up or are arrested.


        However, Americain employers see immigrants arrival as the arrival of cheap labor.  A part of the American economy seems to be based on this unskilled workforce, ready to endure difficult working conditions in restaurants or as farm labourers. So they are very favorable to this immigration.

        As a conclusion, the reason why people emigrate is often the same. They were looking for a better life, they fled their country. But the question of immigrants remains a paradox because on the one hand some people want to limit the number of immigrants, on the other hand some people consider them as a cheap labour force.

We can say that even if the Mexican immigration remains a source of debate, it is indisputably an economic and cultural source for the USA. Nevertheless, the American Dream sometimes turns out to be more an utopia than reality.


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