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Spaces and Exchanges: what drive people to leave their country to go and live in another one?

Discours : Spaces and Exchanges: what drive people to leave their country to go and live in another one?. Recherche parmi 296 000+ dissertations

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Spaces & Exhanges

Introduction : First of all, I would like to give a definition of “Spaces & Exchanges”. It illustrates the theme of the discovery of “New space so it implies the discovery of new territories, the major waves of immigration, the travel wich involves the search of new experiencies or a sense of community.


The world is divided into different areas and spacees. Each space exchanges with each other. It exists different types of exchanges: economic, human or social and cultural exhanges.

Plan: In the rest of our oral we will study the case of Ireland. In fact, since the XIXth century this isalnd has experimented crisis & boom, arrivals and departures.

Pbq: Consequently, we are going to ask us: whatdrive people to leave their country to g oand live in another one ?

  1. To my mind, the document that seems to best illustrate the notion is a triptych of Bernard Canavan who intitulate “Emigrant Journey”. It represent the Irish people in their migration from a village to a bigger city. In the first part there is a group of people leaving the village. Some are kneeling in prayer. In the second part, the same persons walking in the countryside. The colors are more joyful to represent migrant's hope. In the third part, the immigrants are in a city in expanion, probably New York with the skyscrapers, they look deseperate, as they are many while there are not a lot of jobs. In fact, a lot of Irish emigrate to USA, Britain and Australia because of the high unemployment, the poverty was widespead the look of opportunity and famine. Nevertheless, after this difficult period, Ireland is coming back as we will see.

  1. Between 1990 and 2007, Ireland know a boom it is the born of the Celtic Tiger. As we saw with the text from recession to the Boom: all was good. The unemployment rate dicrease from 15% to 4%. The value of houses is going up too. As they say in the text “ten years ago to New York”. And now the party in Dublin seems to have supplanted dream. The Celtic Tiger is born ! In reference to the tigers in Asia to design states with an important economic growth. The center of Dublin was such expensive that all around the city were constructed estates in order to accommodate emigrants and Irish.

In fact, there was a massmigration : return of Irish emigrants and arrival of foreign inmigrant. As we saw in the comic illustration from the text “Death of the Celtic  Tiger” : Ireland who is “used to be a tiger” became a cat.


  1. In 2008, Ireland knew a bust by the death of Celtic Tiger. The subprime crisis in USA in 2007 caused global economic crisis wich started in 2008. Wall Street, The Irish stock exchange and europeens stocks plunged.

Suite III) As we saw in the document “From boom to burst” the unemployment started to soan from 4% in 2006 to 13% in 2010. Consequently, a lot of people were in negative equity and can't pay back their loans and mortgages as we saw with Eoin.

Conclusion: To conclude, we studied the history of Ireland from Great famine then the boom and economic growth to the recent Bust in 2008. We can say that it's mainly the economic who drives people to leave a (place?) and possibility to work. We can broden with the notion “The idea Of Progress”.


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