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Spaces and exchanges : Why do people decide to move abroad ?

Fiche : Spaces and exchanges : Why do people decide to move abroad ?. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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Moving abroad is a dream for many of us. Our generation is linked with globalisation, and as a european member and citizen of the world, it is essential for us to discover different culture and landscapes. In our lives, we can discover the world through our holidays, but also during our studies with a gap year for exemple, or even during our working life if we decide to work in another country. Why do people decide to move abroad ? First we will see : moving abroad as an entrepreneur, then we will discuss about taking a gap year as a student.



Having the project to found its own company in another country is a real dream for many people. It can be really difficult and it is not for everybody. Indeed, leaving for another country can be a real business opportunity : better incomes, better weather, better way of life or even better consumption power. However, it can also be a real obstacle course. For example if we want to create our own company in the United States we must have the green card which is really difficult to have. Moreover, in some countries such as in China the social barrier can be hard to face. This is why it is important to wisely choose the destination and to ask ourselve those questions : am I ready to invest a lot ? Am I ready to learn the language ? Is my family ready to travel with me or, could I handle the distance between my beloved ones.



After finishing secondary school, an increasing number of students worldwide (more than a quarter of a million) choose to take a gap year, which is a year out to travel, work or do community service in their own country or abroad. 

A gap year is a “year off” students usually take before starting university or before finding a job. A gap year is also called an “overseas experience” or a “sabbatical year”.

A “gapper” is a student taking a gap year.


The gap year is a common phenomenon that many students are considering. In the past few years, people were not used to take a gap year because they wanted to enter the working pool as soon as possible. But more and more students who can afford to take the time off are opting for gap years, even students with financial restrictions and students concerned about taking time off or in other words wants to experience the world before they go back to school. I think that it is enriching the student experience. I think that when students come back to school after taking a year off, or even taking a gap year before they go to school really can help them to look at the theoretical or abstract learning that they’re getting in the classroom and apply that to real life.

Conclusion : Discover the world and new cultures wether it is for work or for school is a great experience of life and is rewarding for ourselves. Creating our company abroad can be hard but it can worth the wait and the amount of efforts. Moreover, students who are taking a gap year are reward on the job market because of their experience and their open minds.


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