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Spaces and exchanges: why is India said to be a country of contradiction?

Dissertation : Spaces and exchanges: why is India said to be a country of contradiction?. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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        I’m going to talk about spaces and exchanges. To begin with we can define it as the different spaces of the world that nowadays are more and more connected to each other. The exchanges can appear on many forms : people, trade, information or even immigration. I will illustrate this notion by wondering « why is India said to be a country of contradiction ? »

        First of all, we can see the contrast that exists in India. In the one hand, we have seen a photograph which shows that Indian people gathered in a beach were wearing traditional clothes. And on the other hand the photograph is showing that India is currently getting richer. It’s also based on a contrast between tradition in the foreground and development and modernity in the background. India is an emergent country. Today the highest population is the Chinese one but the Indian population is expected to overtake it by 2030. It also exist inequalities between males and females in India .Indeed most parents wish they didn’t have a baby girl because of a dowry they will have to pay to the groom’s family. Some of these girls are forsaken just after birth and others are killed. It’s also illegal to know the sex of the baby. India is becoming an increasingly male dominated society indeed they’re have never been so few women in India.

        We studied a text called « changing India ». It deals with the evolution of India trough the writer’s life. Tradition has been forgotten. Young people get cell phones, couples divorces. Women are now allowed to earn a living. Lower caste children can go to school and get graduate. Children have different jobs that their parents. In an audio document an Indian woman after working as a lawyer in Manhattan came back in India create her company. She says that India changed a lot now cities exist, they are called high tech cities

                To conclude, traditions are anchored in Indian’s everyday life. Time helps to set free from it. India is a county looking to expand its according and tries it through technology for instance. But it also is a country where tradition prevails. A country between very rich people and very poor ones. India is said to be a country of contradiction because even if India is an emergent country there is still a lot of inequalities.


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