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Spaces and exchanges : What drives people to leave their country and visit another country?

Fiche : Spaces and exchanges : What drives people to leave their country and visit another country?. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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        I’m going to talk about the notion spaces and exchanges. So I’m going to ask the question : « What drives people to leave their country to go and visit another country ? ».

At first I will explain the concept « spaces and exchanges », then I will show you the different types of sharing to visit a country and finally I will give my opinion.

        The concept of « spaces and exchanges » is a broad concept that relates to the movement from one place to another.

Then we can talk about sharing because the link with the notion is the theme of pooling. Because the sharing is the pooling between something and someone. We can sharememories food, experience holidays, your car (carpooling), your time (couchsurfing)…

Carpooling to useful persons from one place to another. They use it to save fuel, money, the environment, to meet new people who are strangers and the people don’t own a car.

But they use is not because it’s longer than usual, sometines you can meet « weird », stinky, unwanted and pervers people.

Couchsurfing is a social aim to discover new cultures and make new friends. There are specialised wesbsites in the area to find housing or beds that are sometimes very modest. Many people from different ages use it. So you can do it by respecting some rules like to register on the net.

Wwoofing or WWOOF means : « World Wide Opportunites on Ogranic Farms ». It’s an organization wich allowns people travel around the world and work on organic farms to learn and get experience from growers, people xho producz animals, people who do vegetables and genrally live the green life.

You can work checking on the animals, cleaning out the stables of the horses and fetching the chicken eggs. You get an experience on organic farmes and share life of foreign people.

A Gap year is the time usually taken by students or young prople during some months or half a year or a whole year to live an enriching or different experience.

It’s a time to have a new experience, travel or study abroad and discover the world.

        I think for example the gap year is one of the best sharing because we go to another country to discover a new language or new culture or religion different from our.

I would like to make one, in London for few months to be able to improve my English nevertheless my family and my friends will miss a lot and the fear of finding myself alone would scare me.

        To conclude what drives people to visit another country in different ways is to be able to share their experience.


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