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Spaces and Exchanges: why did the Brexit take place and why can we say that Brexit has led to many fractures and fear on behalf of other countries?

Fiche : Spaces and Exchanges: why did the Brexit take place and why can we say that Brexit has led to many fractures and fear on behalf of other countries?. Recherche parmi 298 000+ dissertations

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Today I am going to deal with the notion of spaces and exchanges and to this notion, I am going to give a political view. First, the terms spaces and exchanges refers to geographical and symbolic areas occupied by societies as well as the interaction between the individuals in their society. I am therefore going to talk about a recent topic which is the Brexit. Brexit, is a referendum launched on June 23rd 2016 by former Prime Minister David Cameron to allow all citizens of voting age decide if they want Britain to remain or leave the European Union.

Therefore,why did the Brexit take place and why can we say that Brexit has led to many fractures and fear on behalf of other countries ?

The european union is a political and economical partnership including 28 european countries. It has been created after World War 2 to foster economic cooperations and has become a single market allowing goods and people to move around as if the member states were only one country. They also have a common currency which is the euro used by 19 countries. British citizens had very mixed opinion on wether it was better for them to leave or the remain in the EU but leave finally won by 52% to 48%. Even thought the UK has voted leave, they will still continue to abide by EU laws and treaties but will not be able to take part in any decision making. The leave campaign was directed by Nigel Farage who is the leader of the UKIP party, a party which is fighting for the independence of the UK. On the other hand, David Cameron, leader of the Conservative party and Prime Minister of the UK was promoting the remain campaign. After the results of the poll, Europe and especially the party led by David Cameron was quite chocked and regretting the decision taken by the British citizens since they were not quite ready and were not expecting it at all. In fact, this decision was a heavy blow for the west’s political elite.  Indeed, majority of inhabitants claimed a new referendum.

The UKIP, about half of the MPs as well as the DUP were all promoting and wanting the UK to leave whereas the Conservative party didn’t. Many reasons were given to justify their wanting and beliefs. In fact, the leave campaign believed and claimed that Britain was held back by the EU which imposed too many rules on business and charged billions of pounds a year in membership fees for little in return. Furthermore, they also believed that Britain needed to take back full control of its borders and reducing the number of people coming to live or work.

Brexit has led to many unexpected turns in all aspects, the economy was majorly affected and the pound has fallen 10% to its lower level against the dollar and the euro has fallen sharply too and the markets were not prepare for the consequences at all. It has not only affected the economy but the political stability in the UK as well since the resignation of David Cameron.

In conclusion, Brexit has led to many withdrawals and is often defined as a long and difficult process since to this day no one knows how or when the exit will happen. Moreover, something like this has never even happened before and people still don't know what to expect. David Cameron has resigned from his position as a prime minister because he strongly fought and believed in his remain campaign and has thus led his place to Theresa May. Today, many european countries were majorily affected by the Brexit and are hence thinking of following the steps of the UK.


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