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Spaces And Exchanges , Immigration to the USA

Dissertation : Spaces And Exchanges , Immigration to the USA. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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  The notion i'm going to present today is spaces and exchanges , first allow me to present the notion : A space is an area , either physical (like a place) or non-physical , virtual-like (internet) where one or multiple flow of exchanges can occur , these exchanges exist throught multiple forms : information , goods , services .

  To illustrate the notion I've chosen to talk about the immigration in the USA , to do so i'll focus on the two presented documents in addition to historical facts . My final point is to explain further how is the immigration linked to the notion , and to determine what kind of consequences could such a form of exchanges lead to .

 First , i'll provide an overview of the immigrants flow form Europe and South America To the United States during the late 19th and early 20th centurties : In the 1880s the immigration flow doubled (the 2,081,261 that arrived in the 1860's had increased to 5,248,568 in the 1880's) , this monstrous increase is due to succession of wars and famines in Europe and South America (First Boer War / The Sino-French War / Third Anglo-Bermese War / Irlandese Famine / Cuba's little war) , and according to the first document (An illustration of push and pull factors) , these events constitue push factors : environmental , social , economic , and political factors that pushes people to leave their country as Poverty , Fear , desasters ; At the other side stands the pull factors these are the ones that attract and draw people to a place (In this case USA) : freedom , security , justice , stability , and over all opportunity . The US is the only country that could offer such opportunities and environment , thus it was qualified as the Land of Opportunities .

 This massive number of immigrants over the decades made the US greatly evolve given its diversity , America became a melting pot where everyone had it's place ; for exemple mexicans were said to have certain positive qualities that made them 'better' labor immigrants that the other groups , they were thought to be able to put up with unhealthy and hard to please working conditions .

 Second , as the second document shows us , nowadays mexican immigration no longer has the same face ; if mexicans still suffer from poverty , insecurity (mafia) , and unemployement , over the last decade , the US-Mexico border has been a burning and debated issue , it's one of the longest and busiest border in the world , as a matter of fact   it has become a strategic place for legal and illegal business , not only commercially speaking , it is also a nerve centre for drug dealing .The border acts like a magnet for Mexican immigrants who dream of a better life in the USA. Actually,the job offers are limited in Mexico and the standards of living are much lower than in the USA , Contrary to Mexico which is struck by unemployment and poverty . the USA appears as a land of opportunities as far as the job market is concerned. That is the reasonwhy many destitute Mexicans cross the border, whether legally or illegally .

 While they move to America hoping for better prospects, they are often offered menial and painful jobs and accept low wages On the other hand, part of the American economy seems to be based on this unskilled workforce , ready to endure difficult working conditions in restaurants or as farm labourers. To answer those who are convinced that undocumented immigrants are taking away jobs from American citizens, proimmigrants insist on the painfulness of these jobs, convinced that American workers would not accept to work in such conditions.


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