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Spaces and exchanges: Who pushes the foreigners to come to the United States? What is the trigger of the immigration?

Fiche : Spaces and exchanges: Who pushes the foreigners to come to the United States? What is the trigger of the immigration?. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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                                  ORAL D’ANGLAIS

I’m going to talk about the notion Spaces and exchanges . Firstly, I am going to define the notion ; This notion deals with the geographical and symbolic areas that all societies occupy and the interactions between men and different societies. Our world is built on the exploration and conquest of new spaces. The different cultural, economic, sociological and language interactions have shaped and characterized our modern-day world.

For introduce this notion i’m going to talk about immigration , the immigration is an important issue at the moment. And i want to explain  Who pushes the foreigners has to come to the United States? Which is the trigger of the immigration?  And for explain that i have choose 3 documents first the obamas speech, secondly the border wall and last but not least the song american land .

 Now many persone want to come america and they have many motivation like the dream, the american dream who is the ideal by which equality of opportunity is available to any American, allowing the highest aspirations and goals to be achieved. But for the immigrant it’s very difficult to comes america because if they want to live in america They have to obtain their card green

First the obamas speech is an document where president obama talk about the immigration and he explains that immigration is an issue that inflames passions

besides the second document Show the difficulties for the immigrants to come in America because this wall covered 1-3 of the frontier between mexico and america .

And for conclude The song “American Land” refers to the American Dream. In fact he wants to live in United States Nation because all religion lives together. The American Dream is the notion that the American social, economic and political system makes success possible for every individual. Someone who manages to achieve their version of the American dream is said to be “living the dream”. Many people criticize the idea of the American dream because they say that is impossible for everyone to be able to fulfill their dreams.

The idea of the American dream is older than the USA itself- it dates back to the 1600s, when people began to have hopes for what was a new and largely unexplored continent to European immigrants. People dreamt of owning land and establishing a prosperous business and hoped that this would make them happier.

Today’s the definition of the American dream is much different. Most people nowadays hope that they will get married, have two children and live in a three-bedroom traditional home. Rather than looking for great wealth or success, people hope to avoid poverty or loneliness

I found this subject particularly interesting as I learned a lot about the history of immigration in the USA, especially with the song american land . Understanding the reasons why America is seen as such an attractive country was very enriching too. Seeing how diverse the American culture is made me realize that the USA really is a multi-cultural country! Finally, what struck me the most was the testimonies of the many immigrants who explained what motivated their choice to move to the USA: that was really moving.


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