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Spaces and Exchanges: Immigrants and USA

Fiche : Spaces and Exchanges: Immigrants and USA. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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Spaces and Exchanges


Illustration of this topic ->immigration

Immigrants: people who left everything behind them to build a new life

Example taken –> USA

            .USA built by immigrants

            .Always been attractive for them

            .Today = still lots of immigration to the US

-melt of cultures create by immigration = multicultural        society = in which lots of exchanges between them happen


I°)USA built by immigrants:

    1)Christopher Columbus Discovered new continent 1492

English, French colonization

Slaves from Africa                         = brought their cultures

    2)Gold rush 19’s century:

          European civilizations: Irish, Germans, Jewish, Italians

  • Melt of several cultures = multicultural nation

II°)USA attractiveness

       1)Country of every opportunities

              Self-man made myth: Started with the gold rush but still true = American Dream

        2)Emigrate for family

Having a better life with their family

Giving the opportunity to the children to do studies = climb the social ladder (Asian)

Leave their family in their country and send money back (Mexican)

III°) USA “melting pot”

        1)Hispanic culture

              Cubans (Florida), Mexicans in the all south -> Legal & Illegal

  • Spanish spoken by lots of people (=like a second speaking language)

2)African American culture

     Jazz (beginning of the 20’s century)

3)” International neighbourhoods”

     In every big city = Italian, Chinese … neighbourhoods


USA = country of immigration, multicultural nation

 But immigration more and more controlled (Ellis Island and now at the US-Mexican border)

  • Explanation of the rise of illegal immigration

New President Trump: want to avoid illegal immigration (wall), no one knows what will happen (more criminality? fights to pass the wall ? )


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