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Bts tourisme devoir 2 anglais

Étude de cas : Bts tourisme devoir 2 anglais. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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1- A message

- The caller name is Nicholas smith


- She wants to transmit the information’s. she wants someone to email her


- They are 7 people.

- They want to have the same chalet.

- Near to coast and not on the cote d’azur.

- They have interest in the moto sports.

- They are all young

- 5-they would like to have details of where it is and what the local region is like.

- A description of the chalet, the villages’ facilities and a rough price guide

- Sporting activities available both in the village and in the immediate locality,

they also wanted to know if they are a night life in the village.

Part 2-Holliday villages

1-We must take in consideration that this is a group of 7 people and they didn’t

want to be separated into small groups. The chalet cannot be in the cote d’azur and he

must be near to the will be good if there are sports.

2-The most suitable village for our group is the Laniac holiday village. In fact, it suits

perfectly the description of what they want. Indeed, this holiday village is perfect for a

group of 7 people because it can be for 8. This village is near to the coast of north

Brittany, this is also constructed around a lake that can be perfect for the water sports.

You should have told me about the other villages especially why they are not

suitable for the group

Part 3-E-mail

Dear Nicholas Smith,

The chalet is near to a small lake, it will include a living room with a chimney, a fitted

kitchen corner. They are 2 rooms, with one big bed and 2 individual bed and bunk.

There is also a bath room with separate toilet, a dishwasher and a microwave, a TV, a

beautiful terrace with a garden salon. In the village, they are 2 restaurants, a cafeteria

and a bar that transforms itself into a night club after 11 p.m. They are also a fitness

room and a heated pool. They are a lot more activities like mountain bike or tennis.

Commentaires du

correcteur :


She will never receive

the email because of

the spelling mistake




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