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Part 1 – Jobs

  1. The three situations in which Hélène needs to speak English there are when she is with a group of British and American visitors, with other nationalities outside of July and August because many tourist sites only propose visits in French and English and with Russian, Japanese and Chinese (who are more and more in July and August) because there aren’t any tours in those languages.
  2. If she knows the site, Hélène doesn’t have much research to do but she must find out as much as she can about the group of visitors, so she can adapt the presentation to their level of interest.  

If she doesn’t know the site, she prepares preparation in many ways as in French. She collects as much information as she can if possible in English. She puts it in the right order and try to eliminate what is not important. After that, she prepares notes.

When Hélène presents somewhere for the first time in English she practices presentation with her friends.

If any new words, she tries to find out how they should be pronounced, even if it can be very difficult with some of the technical terms. She also asks teachers from England when she can.

  1. Her first advice would be to thoroughly prepare the preparation.

The second advice would be to make notes, but don’t write out the whole preparation because it looks and sounds unprofessional.

The third advice would be to use simple, clear and concise English with only information we want to give the group. Many people of groups aren’t being native speakers of English.

The fourth advice would be that unless we are guiding a group of specialists is not necessary to learn a huge list of specific vocabulary because most of the group aren’t being interested in technical details.

Her last advice would be to learn the key words and structures for giving a good general presentation.

Part 2 – Welcoming

  1. For greet the group, she said “Good morning everyone”.
  2. For introduce herself she said, “My name’s Hélène and I’m your guide”.
  3. As say what she is going to show her group, she said “This morning we’re going to visit the ground and the interior of the château”.
  4. For ask people to do something, she said “If you’d like to follow me we can start our visit”.
  5. For attract people’s attention to something she said, “Over there you can see the 19th century landscape garden” and “If you look down”.
  6. For indicate exactly where something is, she said “Down there by the river, just next to the wall of the château”.

Part 3 – A message

  1. First e-mail

“Bonjour Jean-Pascal,

J’ai reçu un message de Claire Hugues me demandant de remplacer le guide régulier du château d’Azay-le-Rideau pour une visite d’environ une heure, vendredi matin. Malheureusement je ne suis pas disponible pour répondre favorable à sa demande. Sachant que tu es expert en ce qui concerne ce château, pourrais-tu effectuer cette visite s’il te plaît ?

Voici les informations que j’ai eu vis-à-vis de cette visite : ce sont 28 lycéens anglais de 17 ans qui étudient l’histoire, il faut donc parler de l’histoire du château de sa construction jusqu’au 19e siècle, des caractéristiques exceptionnelles du lieu tel que l’influence de la Renaissance italienne ou encore le grand escalier. Mais aussi des informations sur le château lui-même.

En attente de ta réponse,



  1. Second e-mail

“Dear Claire,

Thank you for having thought of me to work on the castle of Azay-le-Rideau, but unfortunately, I am not available on Friday to make it. I allowed to speak about it to a colleague, Jean-Pascal, who is an expert on this site. He would be able to do this visit. I gave him all the necessary information that you had passed on me. I can give you his contact details if you are interested.

With kindest regards,


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