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During the school year 2014-2015, I enrolled for one year technical degree (personal assistant). I do this diploma in a high school Marcellin Berthelot.

As part of this training I had to perform two internships of six weeks each.

After some researched on the net, I came across an ad from a company affiliated with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris (l’Échangeur PME). So, I sent my resume and a covering letter to the email address provided (I emailed my CV and a covering letter). The human resources department responds (replies, answer) very quickly to me and calls me for an interview the next morning.

The course runs over the period of December 8, 2014 to January 20, 2015.


To introduce the company, ECHANGEUR PME, it a French company founded in 2007 by Mr. Frederic DESCLOS (currently responsible for this organization), it counts 5 employees. It’s a demonstration space of practices and uses of innovative information technology. In association with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris (CCIP) “ECHANGEUR PME” supports SMEs in their innovation process.

• Its principle activity is providing training courses.

• The second business is the rental rooms.

Echangeur PME is located at the CCIP, 2 rue de Viames – 75001 Paris.


The CCIP is located in Paris’s heart and is easily accessible by public transport (train and bus). From my home, I take 40 minutes to reach the place of internship, which is very reasonable. I take a bus and RER B.

My schedule was fixed at the departure and always the same: 9 am to 18 pm with one hour lunch break. The break must be taken in a time slot (into 12pm – 15pm).

In addition, the Human Resources Service decides that the course would be paid.

I had a private office with a telephone, a computer with internet connection and printer. Moreover, I had a professional email (, access to the CCI’s web server and the suite Microsoft office.

The work team is very open and everyone did their utmost to integrate myself as soon as possible. Mrs. CHABOUSSIE, my support, is very available for questions.

Management used in the business is participatory.


During my placement, I was in charge of various tasks :

• the temporary replacement of an employee who retired

• I was responsible for welcoming customers

• Elaboration and classifying folders

• phone reception/ answer phone

• billing agencies

I deal with customers who are financing the cost of their training by an organization (AGEFOS formation, ACCES formation or Pôle Emploi).

To apply for funding, customers must make a case containing various documents including a quotation. I was responsible to draft quotations and send them


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