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PR Assistant and Web Writer at the Welcome Gallery

My name is M and I am currently in the final year of a Bachelor's degree in Luxury Marketing and Management in a French Business School in Paris ( ESGCI).

I carried out an internship as Pr Assistant / web writer in an Art Gallery in Paris from february until the end of march.

The Welcome gallery is located in Paris; it specialised in street-art. This gallery is dedicated to supporting and furthering the emergence of the urban art.

The main activity involves finding bright young talents and organizing one exhibition per month in order to make the artists and their work known. The gallery Welcome's objective is also to promote art, not particular artists, and to build a strong client base among a large number of clients.

I applied for this internship in January when I was in London for an other internship.

Basically I was completing an internship in London but it was extremely boring and dull. So I decided to take the bull by the horns and seriously started to look for an other training.

I was lucky (and a bit brillant:) because I found it really fast. I applied online first, had a skype interview, and got the internship!

Therefore I came back to Paris and started this new internship in february.

I was in charge of the communication of the gallery.

My job consisted in promoting the public reputation and the image of the gallery and I had to assist with the monthly exhibition preparations as well. So my tasks was varied;

1. Content creation - developing and updating the gallery website; writing blog posts, articles for the gallery website and social media channels. writing and send the invitations for the exhibitions.

2. Social media marketing – creating, managing and growing the Gallery’s presence through blogs, Twitter, Facebook.

3. Events and event planning

4. Public relations – managing incoming media requests and building relationships with industry journalists; creating, executing and measuring media campaigns

5. Press relations : writing and distributing press releases, extending the client ans the press database.

The main difficulties I had to face were to be comfortable with journalists on the phone and to be persuasive and credible with them. Furthermore I had to be aware of the street-art culture.

I think I was a great addition for the company. I was completely involved in my work and I gave my very best. I put a lot of myself in the tasks I had to achieve. I contributed to improve and develop the gallery's website and I provided my written and social media skills.

It was an enligthning and rewarding experience, I developed my personal and profesionnal skills. Indeed I improved my oral and written communication skills, leadership and teamwork skills, organizational and project management skills.

Moreover I gained a valuable insight into the arts, and it was an excellent opportunity to work on interesting projects and learn new. This internship gave me first hand knowledge in press and public relations


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