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Rapport De Stage Anglais

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Rapport de stage anglais:

I completed my last internship at the hotel restaurant primavera st palace on seas.

The court's training I have acquired many skills through a team that surround me.

The hotel was created to primavera (in an old mansion) by Mr. courmaud in 1981 by the father of the present chief (gin courmaud).

In the hotel staff in the kitchen it consist of:

-the head (gilles courmaud).

-second (pascal).

- intern .

In my personal opinion that this property is a small brigade learned my plusses speed and better listening.

The restaurant of the hotel primavera kitchen especially fruit of the sea or sea water fish, such as (bass, monkfish, st pierre .... Ex) restaurant never cooking freshwater fish .

Aston Martin

Aston Martin is a British brand of luxury cars and racing, established in 1913 by Lionel Martin .

First Aston Martin (released in 1913).

The first car produced by Aston Martin was founded in 1910, was completed in 1913, it was intended to compete with Bugatti. The car reached the 115 km / h.The 1964 Aston Martin participates in the james bond movie with are (DB5) for the movie Goldfinger.

Aston martin DB5 .

From day to aston martin has had many owner :

1947: acquisition by David Brown

1987: acquisition by Ford

2007: acquisition by Prodrive

Aston Martin a fait beaucoup de progrès depuis 1910 ...


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