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I did an internship in the technical center of Chatenay-Malabry from 12 January to 13 February 2015 located at 15 rue Paul Lafargue.


The establishment of the organization is located in the Butte Rouge opposite the Rex cinema.

The organization employs about 40-45 persons with 100% of full-time job.

The group where I worked specializes in:


- plumbing

- carpentry

- road

- green area (gardener)

Every year, the organization recruits a certain number of trainees to help students to get a larger professional experience and to keep a close contact with the world of education.


As an intern, I learned how to:

-change or install an outlet

-replace a circuit breaker

-change lighting, etc.

Per example: During the third week, I replaced an outlet by a block of 4 power outlets in the new school of Jules Verne. So I removed the plug, take the block of 4 power outlets, I connected the cables and I fixed it to the wall.

My training consisted mainly to maintenance of electrical devices in failing.

We work in group of 2.


I found the experience useful because:

-I applied the things I had learned in the classroom in a real-world settings.

- This experience has therefore been very interesting because it gave me a new vision of the world of work.


What I appreciated most was the atmosphere with my tutor because we became friends and we could laugh while working. This internship brought to me a lot of experience in social and work.


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