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My name is [....] and I am a 18 years old student.

Currently, I am in the last year of my BTEC National Diploma in microtechnology and for which I had to do an internship from November 3rd to 29th ,

The company is called "E.F.S." and is located in Montagny, they mostly do pieces for prototype and such, but they also do a lot more, sadly, I don't exactly know what are the firm's specialties, considering my internship was in a particular sector, machining pieces, and that I never really saw anything else.

In this sector, we were 3, my tutor from the machining sector, an employee and myself, we made several components, yet, most of them was in a small amount (again, pieces for prototype assemblage), I think the "biggest" pieces series that I've made was six-teen,

Finding this company was relatively easy, a teacher of mine told me about this enterprise which I went and talked with the boss about the internship, I also took this one because it wasn't far from where I live which made it convinient for transports and also because it seemed interesting, particularly for the fact that it was pieces for prototype, which also mean I could have more time for myself to get used to the machine and pay attention to what I am doing (when you have 200 pieces, it's hard to concentrate, paying attention to every details while going fast at the same time). Other than that, I didn't expected much as long as I have an internship so I could pass the exam at the end of the year.

What I've done during this internship I was working everyday from 7am to 16pm with the exception of Friday in which it was from 8am to 12am every two weeks (the other one, the sector was closed) my lunch break was between 12am and 1:30pm with also few coffee break during the day (8am, 10am and 15am), what I did while working was pretty much always the same thing again and again, machining pieces and also cleaning the machines (which is obvious), my responsibilities were to make the pieces correctly and faster as possible.

The first machine that I ever used there was a "milling cutter", after a while explaining how it works and such, I had sixteen pieces that I had to make but it was something rather simple, just cutting tought few millimeter of steel and then all the rest was on the "lathe", fixing a cylindrical piece of metal in the machine, getting the coordination of the tool inside the machine, making a program and then machining the pieces.

I've made many kind of pieces, the ones that I remember the most were the first ones that I've made in the machine, there was sixteen of them, they were made of brass and were pretty small, first I had to put a rather long bar of brass in the machine, adjust the program so the pieces will have the right diameter then I had to cut tought them to make an even smaller diameter for few millimeters, switching the tool to make an external screw head and finally using the last tool to cut the piece from the bar, I had a screw nearby to check if the screw head was correctly made, of course, I had a micrometer and a dial caliper to check the diameter (the two of them, in the case of the pieces that I talked earlier) and the length of every pieces that I've made, to make sure that I haven't


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