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My notion is : Myths and Heros.

Myths, according to the dictionary definition, is a traditional story, concerning the early history of people or explaining a natural or social phenomenon, and typically involving supernatural beings or events.

In a sense, Myths are stories that talk about the higher things and the more profound subject matters. They deal with the important issues to do with God, Cosmic Origins, Ultimate Conclusions, Purpose and Destiny.

Then a hero in mythology and folklore, a person of superhuman qualifies who is admired for his courage or extraordinary achievements. In the modern world, a hero has lost its ancient meaning.

It now means someone who is courageous. Heroes are « heroic », they have «heroism». They help saving people or society from people, villains or natural disasters, like Superman or Batman. A hero can also be someone who is helpful, polite or helps people who need it. The word is used in the sports world to mean an extraordinary player or an athlete. Sometimes, the main character of a story is called a « hero » in a book or movies.

But how can a myth or hero influence an ordinary person or an society?

And for an answer I'm going to present the documents which tell about the road 66. At first it will be a picture from the book, page 64. Where we can see part of the map of America where passe the road 66 which is called “Main street of America”. The route 66 is an historical route which begins in Los Angeles and ends in Chicago, crossing all America across, 2 278 miles. The Route 66 is historical, because the story of it began in 1926 and this road is known for its freedom, independence, unlimited speed, fun and beаutiful landscapes. In 1985 , the historic road was officially replaced by Interstate 40. But now, Route 66 lives on in books, songs and the American imagination. On the picture we can see the litls photos of the most famous places of the Route 66, like a Giant soda bottle, the Cherokee Trading Post in Oklahoma and ext.

The second document is a text from pages 60-61. Written by Felicia Fairchild. It is about Mich, about his memorise, who in the childhood with his parents had the firs road trip on the Route 66. Аnd he remembers and tells us the most remembered moments from this travel, for example The Mojave Desert, The Grand Canyon and his first discover of the fear of height. Also, he saw his first serious car accident in the mountains. And it was a first time when he was aware of his father’s profession as a physician and surgeon and it was hisfirst encounter with death. He as says that for him this travel played a major role in molding his future, has built his character and love to travel.

Finally, I can conclude, that the Route 66 became a real myth or maybe a hero, because a lot of people seek to make the travel on this road, to feel a pleasure of freedom of it, about which all speak, write the books and sing the songs. And it is an influence of the myth on the person or a society. And I think, that the people, who visited the Route 66 become heroes of this myth or find for itself new heroes. How it was with Mich, who saw her father like a hero when he helped people in the car accident.


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